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North By Northeast with the Sigma Quattro DP0 - 2. Whitby

After spending 2 hours standing in the rain, failing to get any sort of decent Autumn shot in Sneaton Forest, I found myself at Whitby’s East Cliff one hour before sunset, ran down the 199 steps (counting each one of course) and frogmarched myself to the harbour. 121 more words


Good light, nice colors

Although I’ve been taking pictures for ages, I’m still always surprised how important good light actually is. Modern photo technology, and modern sensors in particular, make shooting good pictures easier even under suboptimal lighting conditions; however, higher resolution, higher color depth and larger headroom in the shadows and highlights can’t replace good light. 191 more words


Textures and Patterns in the City - Sigma DP1 Quattro

I took a quick walk around the neighborhood this weekend and focused on some of the stuff I walk by everyday and pay little attention to. 35 more words


Sutton Bank Sunset

We’d been driving around in the mist in the Vale of York all day, before finally heading up to Sutton Bank to see if we could catch the sunset.  133 more words


Sigma DP0 Quattro - First Shots

I’ve finally put my money where my mouth is and bought the Sigma DP0 Quattro. Unfortunately, since it arrived, the North of England has been shrouded in mist, fog and rain, perhaps not the Quattro’s natural element. 120 more words


Do you use the shadows and highlights sliders in SPP?

The best known quote by Socrates “I know that I know nothing” describes my attitude to Sigma Photo Pro very well. Just when I think that I know the RAW converter by heart, I discover something totally new. 169 more words