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Sigma Quattro's Hidden Talent - Black and White

I was so into the color reproduction and crispness of the Quattro’s files that I hadn’t even thought about trying out its black and white capabilities until a few days ago. 163 more words

Black And White

A Few High ISO Samples from the Sigma DP1 Quattro (ISO100 to 6400)

At base ISO and up to ISO400 the Sigma delivers some outstanding resolution. Even at ISO400 though, the Quattro starts to show signs of weakness. I am fairly certain that most buyers aren’t looking at the DP1Q for its ability to handle noise at high ISO. 215 more words


The Sigma DP1 Quattro: A Rolling Review

The Sigma has been in my hands for just over a month now and I’ve had a chance to shoot it in a number of conditions to expose its strengths and weaknesses. 447 more words


Cloudscapes (Leeds RERF Part 7) - Sigma Merrill

Ok, lets not kid ourselves, I’m bored with the RERF, you’re bored with the RERF, the people building it are probably sick to death of the place, so why the heck I’m writing yet another RERF related blog post I’ve no blinking idea, let alone why I went back in the first (or more like seventh) place. 123 more words


Beautiful Bokeh, Super Sharp - Sony RX1 & Sigma DP3 Merrill

A few days ago I snapped away at the owl using the Sony RX1 and the Sigma DP3. The result, for me, is a great example of the strengths of both cameras. 129 more words