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The amazing image quality of the Sigma DP2M

The Sigma DP2 Merrill is a tough brick of a camera with a fixed 45 mm lens(35mm Film equivalent) and in its heart has a Foveon Sensor of 16 Mega-pixel resolution. 321 more words


Lofoten Postscript 2 - Lofoten Collection

Well it’s taken seven weeks, but I’ve finally got my act together and created a collection of favourite images from our February trip to Lofoten on my sister website, … 39 more words


New Collection - Lofoten

A set of images from our recent winter trip to the Lofoten Islands, a true winter wonderland.

Lofoten is an unsurpassable place, a place where around each corner the scene takes your breath way, a place where a ten-minute journey stretches into hours as you stop and reach for your camera again and again, a place … Read More


Outtakes - Lofoten Post 12

Some random shots that didn’t make it onto previous posts, but probably should have.

MS Lofoten Bow Study | Sigma DP1 Merrill | http://www.richardjwalls.com

I love this type of subject to point a Merrill at. 70 more words


Snowscapes - Lofoten Post 11

And on the fifth day it snowed … and everything was wrapped in white.

When it snows in Reine it snows. 6 inches in 3 hours, drifts up to the windows, a fresh and cold perspective. 58 more words


Sigma SD Quattro H Musings

Driving around Lofoten I had plenty of time to muse on the email I’d received from Sigma UK that morning, announcing the new SD Quattros, especially the H. 348 more words