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Is Fox News Hating on Jay-Z and Beyoncé for Paying Bail For Baltimore Protesters

Fox News takes a jab at Beyonce and Jay-Z over a matter that was supposed to be kept quiet.

Yesterday it was reported that author D… 114 more words

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Kiran Chetry's plea for Nepali aid

After remaining basically under the radar since her two day anchoring gig on CNN International in August 2014, and appearing on a NutriBullet infomercial, Kiran Chetry resurfaces and makes a heartfelt plea for donations for Nepal, following the devastating Nepali earthquake, with over 4,000 people (and still counting) dead. 152 more words


Bush says Obama's Foreign Policy is a Blunder: a case of the Pot calling the President Black

“According to multiple reports on a closed-door Saturday event with Jewish donors, Bush offered his harshest public assessment of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”

Standby folks this shit gets deeper. 973 more words


"Fox and Friends" panel members demean transgender kids as only they can

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“Fox and Friends” co-host Elisabeth Hasselback, radio personality Tammy Bruce and psychologist Susan Lipkins were discussing a lesson plan by a elementary school in Maine meant to expose students to the issues confronting young children who may identify as transgender. 123 more words


Madison Wisconsin Passes Legislation to Protect America's Greatest Foe: Atheists

America has taken small steps towards becoming a satanic nation this week when the common council of Madison, Wisconsin, unanimously decided that it would now be… 353 more words


Alisyn Camerota opens up about leaving Fox, joining CNN

At last! CNN’s New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota finally addressed the elephant in the room: her move from Fox News Channel to CNN.

At CNN, she’s had exclusives interviews, hosted documentaries, anchored primetime specials, and she has appeared on every show across CNN’s platform – and she’s the morning anchor, which is her “dream job”. 101 more words