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Firing of Bill O'Reilly Could Change Public Opinion

By Jillian Atelsek

Bill O’Reilly, the top-rated cable news host in the country, has been fired from Fox News following revelations that he and the company paid $13 million in settlements to women who had accused him of sexual harassment. 501 more words

University Of Maryland

Celebrity Joy Villa Lost Friends For Supporting Trump

Supporting President Trump means sacrifice. In today’s political landscape it is a risk to reveal who you will vote for or where your ideology aligns. It’s the main reason polling isn’t reliable any longer in politics. 74 more words


Washington Post Doesn't Print Susan Rice Scandal

The Washington Post, one of the largest print publications in the world, decided to forgo publishing a story about former Obama National Security Adviser, Susan Rice admitting to unmasking Trump officials. 87 more words


Eric Swalwell Thinks Collecting Intelligence And Unmasking Americans Illegally Is No Concern

Want to know why the democrats are losing the American people? Want to know why they are not respected any longer? Look no further than Representative Eric Swalwell of California. 56 more words


Judge Jeanine Loses Her Mind Over Travel Ban Stay Ruling

Judge Jeanine was a prosecutor and a judge. She understands the courtroom better than anyone on the planet. So when she says the ruling from Hawaii district court judge Derrick Chan are ridiculous, everyone should listen. 129 more words


Why Do Your Parents Support Donald Trump?

This is a topic that has been on my mind recently. In the course of casual conversation with close friends and family, it occurred to me that a significant amount of our parents are not only Trump supporters, but are also serial Fox News watchers (the two seem to go hand-in-hand). 891 more words