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White Evangelicals and the Dolezal Syndrome

White Evangelicals and the Dolezal Syndrome

I have been so busy with work that I have badly neglected my blogging duties. However, the conjunction of two events in June seems so revelatory that I can’t resist looking back. 2,183 more words


Harvard Study Derides Conservative Media, Part I

After reading Ben Shapiro’s article on a study from Harvard University purporting that conservative contenders in New Media are driving the Republican Party to the “far-right” to the chagrin of GOP leadership, one can be expected to peruse the parade of panic for a laugh. 622 more words

Pulling for Gov. Perry to make the debate stage

Go, Rick, go!

I want to see former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on the Fox News Channel Republican presidential debate stage next week.

His poll numbers are pretty anemic. 166 more words

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[VIDEO] Debating the Harvesting of Baby Parts: Greg Gutfeld vs Julie Roginsky

July 29, 2015 – ( Fox NewsThe Five ) – Greg Gutfeld was excellent on The Five today as he destroyed the arguments that liberals like Julie Roginsky make in favor of harvesting aborted baby parts. 95 more words


Is there life after birth? Dogs, children, and the breakdown of civil society

Here (below) is the astounding number of dogs in America. For those attentive to television advertising, dogs are the new love objects (for either sex), and earn the personal sacrifices once reserved for children: even old, feeble dogs warrant backbreaking devotion in a recent Aleve commercial ( 653 more words

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Waiting with bated breath for GOP debate

It’s time for an admission.

I am waiting anxiously for Aug. 6. That’s the day 10 of the seemingly endless list of Republican presidential candidates will line up to debate each other. 256 more words

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PANTSUIT REPORT: Hillary Calls Planned Parenthood Scandal ‘Disturbing’, Cautiously Avoids Criticizing Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood ‘a victim of circumstance’.

Chris Stirewalt writes: Hillary Clinton was asked by a New Hampshire newspaper about the scandal surrounding her longtime political benefactor, … 237 more words