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O'Reilly Cameraman Disputes Fox News Host's Falklands "War Zone" Story:O'Reilly claimed he rescued his bleeding cameraman during a riot in Argentina. But the journo who shot O'Reilly's video says this didn't happen.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly continues to insist that he never misrepresented or embellished his wartime reporting experiences and other previous episodes—even after CNN, the… 1,115 more words

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Alisyn Camerota opens up about leaving Fox, joining CNN

At last! CNN’s New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota finally addressed the elephant in the room: her move from Fox News Channel to CNN.

At CNN, she’s had exclusives interviews, hosted documentaries, anchored primetime specials, and she has appeared on every show across CNN’s platform – and she’s the morning anchor, which is her “dream job”. 101 more words


Cable News Ratings: MSNBC Tumbles, While Fox, CNN and HLN All Rise

MSNBC took in on the chin during the first quarter of 2015, shedding big chunks of its audience while Fox News, CNN and Headline News all took advantage and gained ground. 508 more words


Fox News shares Maryam Rajavi's position on Arab Army Proposal

Eric Shawn, anchor and senior correspondent for FOX News, reports on the Arab nations in Yemen putting up united front against Iranian-backed rebels. Shawn also highlights the views of… 80 more words


Just Call Him Mike Hucksterbee

Former Arkansas governor and current GOP presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee never met a quack product he wasn’t willing to sell (and we’re not even counting his old  378 more words