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Fox Screws the Pooch

Wow, this one is mind-boggling. First, Fox New reports, via reporter Mike Tobin, that he personally saw a police officer “draw his weapon” and shoot a fleeing young black man, and that there was a “revolver lying on the ground.” … 642 more words

Freddie Gray

'We screwed up': Shep Smith apologizes for false report on Baltimore shooting [video]

Earlier this afternoon, Twitter erupted over news that Baltimore police had shot a black man in the back.

Commander at the scene confirms it was a shooting.

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Get your news from Fox News? You're a stupid fuck.

Dear intentionally stupid fucks of America,

If you watch Fox News, you are hearing nothing but lies and this is proven. 180 more words


News, propaganda, and party loyalty!

CONTROVERSY LEVEL: Probably a 10 of 10.

It’s about as controversial as I can get I suppose. This topic is what causes most of the conflict between people when discussing politics (in the American context anyway). 3,354 more words


Chris Cuomo says media didn't flock to Baltimore

In a lengthy post yesterday on Facebook, Chris Cuomo made the push for everyone to continue (basically) watching, because CNN is evidently pledging to continue its relentless coverage of Baltimore: 377 more words