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Fox TV Says It Will Cut Ads To Two Minutes Per Hour

According to the Wall Street Journal, that network’s goal is set to begin soon. And if you believe it will actually happen, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you real cheap. 163 more words

Will The Four Be The Next Great Indie Artist Mine?

A lot of serious music fans tend to dismiss reality competition shows. They can certainly seem very commercial, and there are indications that they’re ultimately more scripted than they look on TV. 511 more words


The Gifted: X-Roads

“X-Roads” is the second half of The Gifted’s season one finale. Things have been action packed up until now, and they keep going. The opening flashback features Lorna in a mental hospital. 1,691 more words

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#DOA Pilot Season: The Resident

In an effort to fill the gaping void that is The Winter Hiatus, I have eagerly awaited January pilot season. To middling satisfaction as it draws to a close. 659 more words


The Gifted: eXtraction

The Gifted wraps up their first season with a two hour finale, eXtraction and Xroads. Things have been getting bad for both sides as the season has gone on, and events build to a head as the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services head for a major battle. 1,797 more words

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The Gifted 3 X 1

The Gifted is the first of the hero shows back from winter break. “3 X 1″ picks up shortly after the tragic events of the previous episode, “eXploited.” While some shows might gloss over the losses, the writers on Gifted are better than that, and they have a nicely woven together scene. 2,230 more words

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Season Finales

Hello and Happy New Year’s Eve dumplings. Before I get to my recap of the Seaon finales of three of my can’t miss shows. On New Year’s Eve people do things like shoot off fireworks in their front or backyards. 1,002 more words