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Featured Dog: Dermot- GBNF

This fox face is Dermot. He’s a 2 year old shepherd mix. I think it looks like he is wearing his ruffled shirt for a fancy party. 69 more words

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Is anyone else bothered by the fact that we never learn Foxface’s real name? This girl DIED and no one ever bothered to find out what her real name was? 40 more words


The Hunger Games: Foxface Inspired Twin Buns

The Hunger Games is one of the biggest franchises in the world right now: the movies have blown up (no pun intended) and merchandise is flying off the shelves. 317 more words


Why is Foxface an Unappreciated Character in The Hunger Games?

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS! DO NOT READ UNLESS you have read The Hunger Games.

The question that so happens to be the title of this blog post, I don’t have an answer to, but I don’t think anyone does. 407 more words

Foxface ~ her story #2

Foxface-the girl in Hunger Games who died.

That was what people will forever remember her for. Not for the fact that she survived to the last bunch of tributes, but the fact that she took the bait of the nightlock, was poisoned and died. 453 more words


Foxface ~ her story #1

Today, I would like to dedicate this blog entry to the characters’ stories who are undermined and out-shined by the main protagonists. They are neglected, thrown aside in the fire to serve the story’s purpose, but they themselves contain such a mixture of emotions, flaws and motivations that they should deserve the light of the day. 371 more words


Fish of the Week: Foxface

The foxface (Siganus vulpinus) is a marine fish that also goes by the name of Foxface Rabbitfish, Common Foxface, and Foxface Lo. In the wild, foxfaces live in coral reefs, usually in pairs guarding one territory. 170 more words

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