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A Garden Summit in St. Paul

Summit Avenue is one of the most historic streets in St. Paul, Minnesota. 325 more words

Perennial Flowers

Zoning Codes on Vacant Homes in the Works

There is a vacant home on the next street over from my house. I watched as week by week it degenerated. The windows got boarded up, the foxglove took over as the grass died out, the fence lost a board or two, just enough so when you walked by you caught glimpses of strange shapes and weird lights at night. 46 more words

Katta Hules


This beautiful perennial purple flower is a striking plant for shade garden. Foxglove flower have positive and negative symbolic meanings.They said to sometimes hurt and sometimes healing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

From Gougane Barra.

This was once a rock wall–well, technically it still is.  It’s just been overtaken by the beautiful moss and foxglove.  Nature finds a way to improve on the work of man. :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify


Wind in the what-nows?

I uploaded a vid to my YouTube account showing just how effective the new wind circulation is.

I couldn’t believe it would effect seed dispersal too! 34 more words



A native of Europe, foxglove (Digitalis pururea) was introduced into North America for ornamental and medicinal purposes. Since being introduced, foxglove has naturalized throughout the western and eastern portions of the continent, but not the central areas. 484 more words



When you are alone, in thought or deed, you are a shining beacon for others. The last foxglove of the season, perhaps the last flower even,  looks bright and fresh as though she knows a secret. 6 more words