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The bumblebee

This week I saw my first bumblebee of the year. Gorgeously big and black, with honey-coloured stripes, she was a buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris… 957 more words


Single Review: Foxglove // Joe Osborne

Norwich’s Joe Osborne gives the listener an excellent example of a song that balances a range of timbres. His single ‘Foxglove’ begins with simple picking, but the rasping entrance of the harmonica transforms the sound immediately. 107 more words


foxglove summer

Here is the fifth instalment in the Peter Grant (or Rivers of London) series by Ben Aaronovitch. Thus entitled Foxglove summer, which meaning only became clear (to me) by the end of the book. 371 more words


How to Treat a Broken Heart, or Poison Your Lover, with Foxglove

As a female who has suffered from a broken heart, and entertained the idea of revenge via assassination, this article(http://naturespoisons.com/2014/08/05/how-to-treat-a-broken-heart-or-poison-your-lover-with-foxglove-digoxin/) really glommed my attention. 359 more words


Guisers: Small Mercies

So, my psychic mentor and sometimes life coach Auntie J.J. got me a foot in the door to her yoga studio company. Despite my tenth grade education and my ambivalent hostility towards another partner in the company due to a rocky personal history, the accounts manager recommended me for hiring and requested that I come in as soon as possible, both date-wise and crack-of-dawn timewise for the first couple of days. 879 more words


Guisers: Rafflesia, Again

WARNING: The following content may contain triggering material

I wanted to write fairy tales this weekend. Fairy tales about fairyland that set up the demonstration of why I not only appreciate it as a language for numinous experiences and the conceit of wishcraft, but as a metaphor for the model on which my personal ethics are based. 985 more words

Gated Ways