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Popcorn Machine

Sorry, but each time I hear the word: “Popcorn” I only can think in my friend the Swedish Chef. Who “miks the poppycurny at di nourni”. 41 more words

Esther Lopez

Why This Muppet Fanboy Doesn't Like The New TV Trailer

Note: I usually sit on a post for two or three days before doing the final edit and posting it online. Compared to everyting else on this blog, this editorial is basically words thrown at a wall in an attempt to decipher my own feelings on the current Muppets direction. 1,460 more words


59. Timing Is Everything

Back when one of us first got our licenses, my brother adapted a Fozzie Bear quote, stating an Anderson’s natural habit was behind the wheel of a car. 32 more words

Writing 2015

The Muppets: MBTI

Yes, I’m doing this. I’ve typed a lion, a chicken, a raccoon, a tree, and a sentient computer program, so surely I can type… 257 more words