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Hey, A Movie!: Fourth Wall Breaks

What is breaking the fourth wall?

Breaking the fourth wall means doing or saying something that either explicitly or implicitly acknowledges the artificiality of the environment and the fact that both the presenters and audience are aware of that artificiality.

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The Muppets

And my first thought was.....Nostaligia: "Muppet Treasure Island"

Muppet Treasure Island is a heart-warming and hilarious twist on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story filled with Pirates and Miss Piggy. The 1996 musical comedy is packed with memorable music and guest stars who succeed in holding their own alongside the scene-stealing puppets. 638 more words


Bear Left Then Bear Write Review

BEFORE I START THE REVIEW: There’s a joke in this episode a bunch of people misinterpreted. “Meegan” is “me” in the Swedish Chef’s fake-Swedish language. When he referred to himself as Meegan, a lot of people thought they were trying to make him transgender or something. 545 more words

The Muppets

Hostile Makeover Review

So, here we are at the second episode of ABC’s new Muppets series. At this time, the show had left mixed tastes in everyone’s mouths. People were happy because the Muppets were back on television, but people were a little upset at the darker tone of the show. 596 more words

The Muppets

Welcome Home To The Happiness Hotel

One of the things that Jim Henson’s works are famous for are the songs. So how about we take a look at the music of the Muppets? 441 more words

The Muppets

Pig Girls Don't Cry Review

So, for the first time in a loooong while, the Muppets have returned to television with a regular, weekly series, simply titled “The Muppets”. Like many Henson fans, I was purely ecstatic once the new series was announced, and very intrigued by it’s premise: a The Office-type mockumentary, but with our favorite felt friends. 710 more words

The Muppets

The Muppets, 1.03, "Bear Left Then Bear Write"

“The appearance of a celebrity guest in the Muppet world, whether on the big or small screen, always adds a bit of zest to their tomfoolery, and the Muppets’ list of celebrity guests is as extensive as it is profound. 90 more words