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Happy Birthday Frank OZ

The man, the myth, the legend – Frank Oz – celebrates his 72nd birthday today.

Oz was Jim Henson’s right-hand man from the beginning, helping to create some of the most memorable characters (as demonstrated above), as well as Star Wars’ Yoda. 76 more words

102: Hostile Makeover Review

So we’re an episode into the show now, and people weren’t quite sure what to expect at this point. Sure, the first episode had heart and was pretty funny, but it was still kinda lacking in a few departments. 894 more words

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101: Pig Girls Don't Cry Review

Alright, so I fell a bit behind on my reviews of the new Muppets show and ABC and just decided to restart them altogether. I didn’t really like my original reviews, so… here goes. 911 more words

The Muppets

On the seventeenth day of Christmas, the ad wizards/gods gave to me…


Muppets Episode 10

Episode 10 came the closest to looking like a classic episode of The Muppet Show.  There was still some connections to the current series’ ongoing plots and characters, but there was also a complete lack of jerkass Kermit while the show’s climax was a big Muppet musical number with the episode’s guest star Mindy Kaling. 216 more words

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Weird Merchandise

While I work on part two of the “Muppet Family Christmas” review, here’s some… interesting (let’s call it that) Muppet merchandise, both bootleg and non. 284 more words

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