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Triple A FPS Future?

Happy 2017 peeps… the future is finally here, is it everything you hoped for? Or are you still waiting for jet packs, flying cars and laser guns? 818 more words


The 3rd CSGO French Shuffle in the Works

Flickshot has recently reported information on the 3rd french shuffle in CSGO’s history and the new roster looks promising:


ESEA breached, over 1.5 million accounts leaked!

Earlier this month, over 1.5 million accounts of a CSGO League named the E-Sports Entertainment Association League (ESEA) was breached.

A blog post linked here… 230 more words


Overwatch's Tank Meta

Season Three of  Overwatch’s competitive latter began on December 1, 2016, and brought along a new patches for the game. One notable patch is a buff to Ana, the first Hero added to the Overwatch roster. 412 more words


Halo 5: Guardians

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: 343 Industries

Release Date: 10/27/2015

Rating: Teen

MSRP: $59.99

Available Exclusively On

The Good: Solid and fun campaign, well-made enemies and weapons, unique landscapes and planets, multiplayer is as robust as ever and has tons of content, Forge mode is great for the creative mind… 874 more words

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Battlefield 1

This review only focus on the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign.

I don’t usually play competitive FPS games, on account of their time-guzzling nature and the fact that I’m somebody who really only plays games for immersion and story. 553 more words

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The Comeback Of Titanfall

Titanfall is a first person, futuristic, shooter, that revolves around a mix of giant mechs and men on foot. The first Titanfall was lacking in many areas but was the start of something very rarely seen. 186 more words