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Please forgive me for being so blunt,
But this game, to review, is a bit of a cunt.
Everything of note has already been said, 170 more words


Doomzone 1.7 is released. Here's my preview of the new Active Skills

In this video I run through the various classes in the latest version of Doomzone and try out the new Active Skills.

Download Doomzone 1.7 at Mod DB

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Collective Minds StrikePack FPS Dominator Review

I play A LOT of Destiny and I watch A LOT of Destiny being played. One thing you’ll quickly notice with most of the good streamers is that they use Scuf controllers, and thus have a slight advantage because paddles allow you to do things like jump while aiming. 879 more words


Arcade Game Review: Panic Museum 2-DON'T SHOOT THE HOSTAGES!!!!

Well, it’s been a while. I’m back from my holiday, and I’ve brought a new idea back with me. While on holiday, I got the opportunity to play in various arcades in some spare time and I played through numerous games while I was there; primarily: arcade shooters. 1,193 more words


Review: F.E.A.R.

Reviewed on PC.

Do you wish your tactical room clearing shooter was a little more spooky? I have the game for you.

In F.E.A.R., you play as an operative, who is part of an organisation that deals with the supernatural called First Encounter Assault Recon (or F.E.A.R.), who obviously wanted a cool acronym. 945 more words


CS:GO - Train - Smokes for A execution

Hello everybody!

When I do an execution on the bombsite, I usually make these smokes with my teammates to guarantee the successful plant. All the smokes are easy to do just throw them adjusting your crosshair at the indicated points. 49 more words



I started this late on my gaming instagram account (@calidrifter_) so Im going to play catch up here. Enjoy!

8/7 – Favorite Subclass – I believe that the strongest and least cheesy subclass in the game is Solar/Therm. 277 more words