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BF4 Disinformation Assignment Unlock DS-3 Decoy

BF4 FINAL STAND UNLOCK Showing you how to unlock the DS-3 You need to complete this Assignment DISINFORMATION Reach rank 10 Play on a FINAL STAND map Have FINAL STAND DLC AWARD REQUIREMENTS Affect 10 enemies with M84 Flashbangs Get 3 melee kills That is is! 7 more words

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More RPGs Less FPSs

Let me tell a story, in a hidden temple over the mountains of china, a disciple grows up in the nurturing hands of a martial arts school, where he learned to be serene, respectful and most of all a pretty badass fighter. 1,501 more words

Why I love DOOM  (2016)

I love DOOM 2016 because of the feeling that the game gives you of being an absolute bad ass space marine. The way your character rips through the hordes of hell spawn, your fist punching through the flesh of any demon foolish enough to get close to you. 460 more words

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Keyboard/Mouse vs Gamepad on Playing FPS Games

The video game industry is a big deal in our modern economy, and video game players are getting more recognition. It is then important for video game players to have the necessary mean to win a game while playing, especially in an online game session or a tournament, where they can earn money or reputation. 558 more words


My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Weapons

There are many iconic weapons throughout the video game universe. Halo has the Energy Sword, Doom has the BFG ever since the beginning, and who could forget the Golden Gun From… 552 more words


Leaked Video Shows DLC That Could Have Been... Or Still Could Be.

The Destiny DLC that never was? Or a sneak peek at a future Destiny 2 story line or DLC? You be the judge.

A newly found animation shows a Vex Goblin being created with the milky fluid that we’ve all grown so fond of shooting out of their stomachs.  207 more words


DOOM [2016]

This game is incredibly fun. The graphics are superb and the story flow is well crafted and humorous. Just what you need heading back to hell. 375 more words

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