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Care Package Inbound!

As much as we like to make dick jokes and generally not take anything too seriously, I wanna write about a cause because… well until now, I didn’t┬áreally have one (aside from censorship, but actively going out and trying to censor Political Correctness Nazis seems really hypocritical to me). 1,387 more words

Galaxy Heist, Sets Their Sights On Kickstarter

Since our original announcement Space Bear Development has been making great progress on their upcoming epic sci-fi adventure, Galaxy Heist.

They’re creating a massively open world galaxy where you engage in epic space battles and experience close quarters, first person FPS action. 407 more words


Post-Apocalyptic Stealthy Fun Coming Soon with 'Z.O.N.A. Project X'

No genre is as love-or-hate on mobile as the First-Person Shooter. They tend to require quick reflexes, and precise input, which touchscreen interfaces notoriously stifle. There have been plenty of successful FPS’ released on mobile, most famously the… 267 more words


Mini Review: "Blood - Cryptic Passage" (Expansion Pack For "Blood")

As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been playing a classic 1990s FPS game called “Blood” quite a bit recently. So, for today, I thought that I’d look at one of the expansion packs for it ( 760 more words


This Drone Tour of Dutch Flower Fields is Simply Breathtaking

Take a beautiful flight with a drone over the colorful flower fields near the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands. Filmed during a sunny spring day in April 2015 with a DJI Inspire drone in full 60 fps HD. 18 more words

Shadow Warrior: Not Quite a Genie

As Chapter 8 opens, Wang is still making his way through the Zilla Corporation’s compound. This bit is less of a sewage management plant, and more of a rail yard and dock. 239 more words


My Hopes on Black Ops 3 Zombies

I really like Black Ops 1 and 2, because the zombies mode is really fun. And Black ops 3 will have a zombies too. Now this is my hopes for Black ops 3 zombies… 217 more words