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Has Half-Life Decayed? - (Un)Retro Review

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for popular games to see re-releases or remasterings on newer consoles, but not every touted titled gets that privilege.  Thus it’s left to online platforms like Steam and GOG to keep these classic titles available for those of us who missed them the first time around, or perhaps wish to merely bask in the nostalgia.  1,668 more words

Video Games

Fear the Wolves: Early Access updates

Fear the Wolves is another Battle Royale FPS game but this one has a twist. You better run if you see the wolves or at least that is what I have seen so far in early videos. 348 more words


Marathon (1994)

Often called “The Real Reason To Game On A Mac” back in the 90’s, Marathon is the first of a trilogy of FPS released on the Mac in the mid nineties by Bungie. 1,049 more words


Tips para sa mga FPS players

     Ikaw ba ay laging napapagalitan ng ka-teammate mo? Laging na sasabihan na noob? Well you’ve come to the right place my friend. I have a few tips for you kung paano ka magiging  noob-pro. 401 more words

Reggies History of FPS: From Gibs to Grenades

The first game to utilize a first-person perspective would be “Maze War” (1973) which released on various formats such as Imlac PDS-1 and Macintosh. This was similar to the view of  2,340 more words


Battlefield 1 and the Pigeon of Doom

It’s kind of difficult for me to know what to expect of shooters these days. Having grown up on the 2.5D shooters like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Duke Nukem, I was able to watch the medium make a long and frequently awkward transition into rendering increasingly realistic 3D environments. 1,221 more words


Battlefield 5 - PS4 - Exp Ops



*plays the theme over and over*

A little back story: I was all kinds of hype for Battlefield 1. 810 more words