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Jesuits in the Back Seat: Secretary Of State Joe Biden?

[ Katherine Frisk note: IF Hillary wins, she has already surrounded herself with Jesuits. Kaine is a Jesuit, Biden is a Jesuit, and as I have pointed out before, the Founding Fathers did not allow a Vatican Embassy in Washington D.C. 1,068 more words


Save the Forests! Say no to Fracking!

The former Greenpeace leader Stephen Tindale said “If we want to keep the lights on, and stop burning coal, it’s time for green campaigners to stop saying ‘frack off’ and time to say ‘frack on’.” 312 more words


Credibility, Democracy and Tories: a Plan

Labour’s task isn’t to fight for credibility – it’s to demonstrate the Tories have none.

“Gaining credibility” is not a plan. It’s a myth.

By trying to convince the public of its own credibility, Labour often sacrificed its principles in its attempt to achieve this; aligning itself closely to the policies of the elected government. 575 more words

Legal wrangling continues over rare oil patch plants

Federal court says U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must take another look at listing decision

Staff Report

There’s a new legal twist in the long-running battle over… 558 more words


Fracking support falls to record low while opposition peaks – latest government survey

Opposition to fracking for shale gas has risen to a record high and support is at the lowest level so far, according to a government survey of public attitudes. 374 more words


Fracking WikiLeaks' "right circumstances"

By ann summers

WikiLeaks is continuing to publish more emails from the account of John Podesta, the chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One newly published email revealed that Clinton privately bashed environmentalists opposed to fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline. 1,015 more words