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Castles Happen

I was actually working on fractal images for Earthbound: The Quantum Grail, when I noticed a castle had magically appeared on my screen. One of the joys of making fractal images is that the mathematical formulas used create entire worlds you can explore. 30 more words

The Returned

Thought I’d share a little bit of a process I’ve used to make an illustration. The story of Earthbound: The Quantum Grail relates how Jimmy Worthy is separated from his family, who are trapped inside the buried spaceship they discovered in the tribe’s Sacred Lands. 118 more words

This Sacred Place

I’ve been doing a lot of fractal backgrounds and character closeups, so I thought I’d turn my attention to some more environmental scenes for a while. 46 more words

Something a little different...

This one took a while and took the best of a few pens to get done! I think I’ll be playing around with this idea some more in the next while.

Tim Cranwill

Original Art

Family time

The Worthy family have a light lunch to celebrate Eddy’s visit while on medical leave. Grandpa sits at the head of the table, listening to one of Eddy’s stories about his time in Afghanistan. 29 more words

Mysteries in the Sky

Just a quick couple of shots. After these, I promise I’ll get back to the real work on Earth. Just wanted to share pictures of a trio of recently spotted strange objects in the skies of Earthbound: The Quantum Grail. 16 more words