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The Space Arbora - Premium Plots for Sale.

About the Space Arbora:

Welcome to the Space Arbora or the self-sufficient colony anchored half-way  between Jupiter and Earth. If your earthly existence bores your out of your wits and if you dream of emigrating to an out-of-the-world planet, this post is for you. 188 more words

Fractal Art

The Chthonic Eye and its Petrifying Gaze.

The term Chthonic  translates to subterranean.

Oddly (or perhaps purposefully, through their association with fertility,) the female deities have always been associated with earth and the subterranean world. 112 more words

Fractal Art

About Poetry with Pixels and Me.

Poetry with Pixels is a tapestry of images plucked from my subconscious and woven using the warp and weft of mathematical art. My love for mathematical art began when as a child I discovered… 114 more words

Fractal Art

Mathematical, Fractal, Spiritual Art... or Some Awesome Abstract Beauty?

Folks, I’ve been away doing crazy non-caricature stuff, but that’s not a valid excuse for neglecting my blog. The fact that the non-caricature stuff had been emotionally and physically draining, and it left me with no energy to do things that I love (read: drawing and painting and blogging,) could probably cut some ice. 86 more words


building huts together

In a far off future where a boy and a girl play innocently alone together in a digital jungle. In the trees where it’s safe and fun they make up creative games all their own. 52 more words

Fractal Art