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The Pythagoras tree

The Pythagoras tree is a fractal invented by the Dutch mathematics teacher Albert E. Bosman in 1942. This set belongs to a type of fractals called L-systems. 108 more words


The Burning Ship Fractal

The Burning Ship Fractal is a slight variant on the Mandelbrot Set Fractal.

The basic Mandelbrot Fractal formula is z=z^2+c. The Burning Ship Fractal formula is z=abs(z)^2+c. 112 more words


A Hazy Shade of Earth

Hello all! Today we are once again travelling back in time to the early Earth. The period known as the Archean spans 3.8 to 2.5 billion years ago. 826 more words

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Στις πηγές της Μερρά, θεοδώρητη στάση

ανασεμιάς μετάξι στον αμείλικτο ήλιο

πεθυμιά ανάπαυλας σε μια χούχτα νερό

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Kultivate Spring Fashion Event, Part III

Spyralle’s next exclusive for the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event is Rowen, a casual-to-dressy two piece outfit perfect for a patio evening in the California wine country. 84 more words

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