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National Poetry Month: Sequence of Tanka Inspired by Break My Fucking Sky's Album Final Breath

Drift on winds of time
pulsating drone spears the heart
A tremble of notes
Sprinkled atop harmony
wraps around the panicked mind.

Feet crunch broken rocks… 99 more words


"Zenn Diagram" by Wendy Brant

What a cute, new YA romance with a little magical twist! Let me also say that I almost didn’t read this because I am NOT a math person at ALL, but don’t let that discourage you from reading this book! 278 more words



Spyralle presents Starseeker, a new outfit in mixed modes, premiering at Fantasy Faire 2017. The first Starseeker ensemble is designated LP0603 after the archive number of the primary fractal used in creation of the textures. 321 more words

New Release

Interlude of Truth: The Saga of a Bird and From Order to Chaos

An Introduction of Sorts

This is a sequence of poems and fractals — many of the poems I wrote in 2016, though bits of the first segment (I) is from 2015, and the final segment (V) was from 2017. 1,564 more words


Holographic Holoverse of Wholeness

Ever Expansive Sentient Being Incontestably Lost in Endless Layers of Lucidity

Submersed in an Island of Order and a Sea of Cosmic Chaos Simultaneously,

Hovering in a Hypnogogic State ,a Ceaseless Continuum of Somnambulism, an Unrelenting Reverie… 354 more words

National Poetry Month: A Ghazal: Pain

National Poetry Month: A Return to the Ghazal

I originally wrote this poem on April 11, 2017 but debated posting it on my blog. It chronicles a journey I took recently, where it felt like my internal self was being erased by others and my story disregarded or distorted by others. 545 more words