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The fractal universe

What if
our universe
can be put
into one simple equation?

What if
the equation is so simple
that it would
blow our minds?

But why appears everything… 103 more words


Abstractions of Reality

The abstraction of logic
is the best evidence
that logic itself
is a kind of creativity.

It’s indeed a creative act
to discover the laws of nature… 87 more words

Beauty Of Abstraction

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1000 Words



 της Σοφίας Κιόρογλου // *

Τι να ζητήσω Δέσποινα;

Ποια έκκληση να κάνω που να μην την ξέρεις;

Πάντα εις την βοήθεια μου προστρέχεις,

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Χωρίς κατηγορία