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Triple Moon

On January 31, 2018, a rare astronomical event occurred for the first time in 150 years. The Moon was full for the second time in the calendar month – a so-called Blue Moon. 148 more words

New Release

Dazzling Vintage Romance

Inspired by the sleek gowns of 1930s Hollywood, Spyralle presents Marlene, exclusive this month to the Dazzle event. The fractal pattern suggests subtle bias draping over the long bodice and the skirt. 161 more words

New Release

Max update

As a follow-up from the previous post, here is a clip showing the patch along with audio. Note how the pitch changes when light and dark objects are presented to the camera.


Post-It Note Poetry 2018

It’s almost that time of year again*.

This February sees the return of Post-It Note Poetry (PINP) for the 6th year. Yes, this will be the sixth time I will have dedicated myself to writing very small pieces of poetry (of dubious quality) on post-it notes, or created poems of an equivalent size in honour of the original dare I had with Adam Byatt – to commit to writing a month of bad poetry on post-it notes. 340 more words

Micro Poetry

Stillness is relative, Analogies from astronomy

Stillness is relative.
You achieve stillness when you move at the same speed as the object you wish to have still in your vision.
To attain stillness with life, you have to move at the same speed as life. 633 more words


Random design #4

Put 3 species in a cylinder, 1,000 units each. Throw the dice and check to see what happens after 3 seconds, space wise, quantity wise, and air-quality-wise. 9 more words

Mathematics And Art

Patterns. Hilbert Curve in Processing.

This is a project about pattern. “Some people look for patterns. We call those people mathematicians”, Matt Parker said in a Numberphile video. I think I have never heard a description that would suit Simon better. 194 more words