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Flower Bon-Bons

Combining my Flower Photography with

Digital Art Processes get some amazing results

They almost look like glass Bon-Bons

I love this one too, love the movement in it… 15 more words



I am observing the world

whose very act of existing

has made us claim

that it is the only world to exist.

I am observing… 164 more words

Contemporary Poetry

Ποίηση: «Κατά την τάξη Μελχισεδέκ»
Της Σοφίας Κιόρογλου // *

Ούτε αρχή ούτε τέλος

μόνο άρτο και οίνο Παμβασιλέως

Φάγετε και πιέστε απ» το ποτήρι μου

Published Work

LIHC - DAVIN Fractal

I really wondered why people are so bullish about LIHC these days. Are they seeing something that I don’t? LIHC is well known to be one of the JAP stocks,and to be honest, I really hate trading such kind of stock for House Angping is very notorious in its jockeying activity. 125 more words


Fractal Noise (III)

Using fractal brownian noise as a texture for geometric patterns.

Usando el ruido fractal browniano como textura en diseños geométricos.

Emprant el renou fractal brownià com a textura en dissenys geomètrics.

Generative Art