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Cours 1 - Opération décimales et fraction

Addition:               2,8+1,7=28/10+17/10=35/10=3,5

Soustraction :      2,3-1,8=23/10-18/10=5/10=0,5

Multiplication :    2,4 x 1,1=24/10 x 11/10 = 264/100=2,64

Division :          2,5 / 2,0 = 25/10 : 20/10 = 25/10 x 10/20= 25/10 x 1/2 = 12,5/10 = 1,25… 70 more words


Fraction Robot - Easy Enrichment for Math

One of my third grade co-teachers came to me with a dilemma.  They were about to start their fraction unit, but my two GT kids had aced their pre-test. 480 more words

Lesson Ideas - General

A conversation on Division by Fractions!

I have been planning to write an article on ‘Division by Fractions’ for the past few days. My thoughts were clear, the conversations with the students were well stored in my mind, but somehow, this article was still waiting in the ‘to-do list’. 923 more words

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Zero in Division: quite a tricky affair ;)

Kids learn division in their primary school and find it quite easy and doable. But when they encounter a zero in division, either in the numerator or denominator or both, it gets a bit tricky. 660 more words

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Fraction Introduction - No more Pizza Please !

I have observed that many books start Fraction with Pizza example.

I have a suggestion – Let’s replace Pizza with Cadbury, Chikki (Indian sweet) or anything which is rectangular in shape for a better visual understanding. 696 more words

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