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Fraction to Decimal Conversions Part 2

Here’s a fraction to decimal chart for sizes down to the 128th of an inch:

Click the link below for a printable PDF:

Fractions to Decimals


Decimal Notation: Ordering Decimals

This video explains how to order numbers written in decimal notation from least to greatest.

II. Arithmetic Videos

A subtle math joke

In case you need a subtle hint, here’s another version:


Three Fractions on Public News Preference

When Allan Stuart reaffirmed that news from the streets will be favourable, I should have just agreed. Since it is disappointing to prove that, in some extent, mass media has succumbed to public’s preference of news coverage. 665 more words

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Ex: Evaluate an Expression with a Fraction, Decimal, and Factorial

This video explains how to evaluate an expression containing a decimal, fraction, and a factorial.

III. Algebra Videos

Ex: Find the Volume of a Sphere When the Radius is a Fraction with a Radical

This video explains how to find the exact volume of a sphere with the given radius is a Fraction containing a cube root.