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Ody-C Volume 2: Sons of the Wolf - Matt Fraction and Christian Ward

Distressingly late to the party, I’ve finally got around to reading Ody-C Volume 2. My initial delay was a determination to buy it, rather than borrow, but insufficient funds to do so… then it just kept on stretching on and on, until I finally gave in and borrowed it from flatmate, mostly because it was bugging me that he’d read it and I hadn’t. 1,506 more words


*NEW VIDEO* Fraction - Find Our Way

Kitchener, ON artist Fraction recently teamed up with local producer Know-It to craft and release their latest cut, Find Our Way. Delivered as a lyric video for fans to truly grasp the message Fraction wants heard. 52 more words

Fraction & Decimal

Here are ten problems on fractions and decimals, some of which are quite challenging.  Remember, no calculator! 836 more words



More formally, these are called “rational expressions” in mathematics — “rational” in the sense of “having do with a ratio”, as the word is used in the phrase “ 1,048 more words


US Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote Will Be Rigged?

From Activist Post, by Jon Rappoport

So far, the analysis of how a vote can be rigged through GEMS seems to be labeled “too hot to handle.” Outlets prefer to report slinging of mud instead. 750 more words


Who said you could play with your food?

Usually we tell children NOT to play with their food, but today I say,  “Go For it!” Using food to help students understand fractions is smart and fun-you can’t go wrong with food! 313 more words

Algebra Workshop Review

The algebra workshop reviewed basic concepts that often lead to lack of understanding of in depth algebra. A interesting note was the lack of elementary math that is missing from the students. 187 more words