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Values of Integers

If and are integers such that , what are the possible values of ?
(a) only
(b) only
(c) only multiples of
(d) any integer… 50 more words

Problem Solving

Triangle Cover

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Number Sense

Most millennials are hoping to retire early, but only a fraction are doing what it takes | 06/08/17

(Source: markets.businessinsider.com)

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More and more young people are angling for early retirement.

According to a poll from our partner, MSN, 67% of American millennials (aged 18 to 29) want to quit the working world at or before age 65. 377 more words

Money Matters

Red and Yellow Plums

One store sold red plums at for and yellow plums at for . A second store sold red plums at for and yellow plums at for . 58 more words

Problem Solving

. life quake

Happiness is a self construct
you make it and you leave it
breaking code of conduct
you are the only one to believe it



I was one of two all weekend
I was a half
then you left me as a fraction
I didn’t like that

You said,
“We can get tattoos… 11 more words


Solve a Linear Equation with Parentheses and a Fraction 2/3(9x-12)=8+2x

This video explains how to solve a linear equation in one variable with parentheses and a fraction.

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