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March 30th, 2015: Hawkguy and the Joy of Super-normal

My favorite comic of all time might just be happening right now. Matt Fraction has taken a character I cared next to nothing about- maybe even disliked a little due to his characterization in West Coast Avengers years ago- and made him awesome. 495 more words


A fraction

A fraction of that fuck
is short but highly
An elusive moment
that sucks the mind of all

I have given a lot of… 43 more words


Fraction Number Talks

Two days a week we have a Math RTI period built into our school schedule. It is 50 minutes in which students receive additional math support through Marilyn Burns’ … 460 more words

5th Grade

Find an Experimental Probability (Common Core Math 7/8 Ex 2)

This video explains how to find probability using a table showing the outcome of drawing one marble 15 times with replacement.

III. Algebra Videos

Determine What Fraction of an Amount Remains (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 25)

This video explains how to determine what fraction of an amount remains after subtracting to fractions.

II. Arithmetic Videos

6 of one...

Which is tricker: fractions or decimals?

Some say decimals are easier, as they just continue the familiar ‘hundreds, tens and units’ to the other side of the decimal point. 123 more words


Understanding the spectrum of numbers philosophically - III

Welcome back. And now we will delve a bit further down. As promised in the previous post, the cup in the tap scenario is back and we will be looking into some more types of numbers. 1,277 more words

Math Love