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exhale the past, inhale the future

Just as the title said, today I let go.

Something that has eaten away at my entire core for years, someone I shouldn’t of let go of in the first place. 122 more words

Creativity in Tandem: The Husband and Wife Team

Lambert Nagle is the pen name of co-authors Alison Ripley Cubitt and Sean Cubitt. They write thrillers set in sunny climes. Sean’s day job is Professor of Film and Television, Goldsmiths, University of London. 555 more words



Voldemort did it. Using the concept of a Horcrux, he split his soul into multiple pieces, allowing him to live even after one or more of those pieces was destroyed. 394 more words

Fractured: Seventeen thru Eighteen

The Void is a strange place.

That area no one can find unless taken.

The expanse between life and death.

Unable to move towards the light or sink into the darkness. 2,036 more words

(RE)flective Spin

Fractured: Parts Fifteen and Sixteen

“You’re an idiot.”

“Thanks for pointing that out!” Kai said cheerily.

I sighed and kept walking. Sometimes Kai would seriously get annoying.

It had been about a month and Quetz had finally shown sigh of waking up, Kai and I were on our way over right now, but he was insisting on flying or taking as many shortcuts as possible. 1,733 more words

(RE)flective Spin

Release Blitz: Fractured by Alexis Noelle

Fractured Volume Two Release Day!


How can you go on when you have lost everything?

When nothing matters.

No one matters.

Sometimes it takes a push from an unexpected source to help you realize what you’ve become. 232 more words


Just a Little Bit of Love

Well a very happy St. Valentine’s day to you!

Now, don’t panic this isn’t some soppy blog about fluffy bears and ridiculously huge cards.
If you do some research on the saint, you’ll soon realise that very little is known about him. 768 more words