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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | A Fractured House // Recap Review

The last few episodes of Agents of SHIELD had me at the edge of my seat, almost foaming at the mouth for the questions being answered. 469 more words


A fractured syntax is better than writing nothing

I’ve been struggling to write, hitting the backspace key more often than I would like in these past few days. Scribbling one word over another on my notepad until the ink imprints itself on the next page. 372 more words

Fractured Thoughts

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Your likes and comments are highly valued… 143 more words


Project 1.1 - Fractured and dramatic marks

Exercise: Fractured marks


Playing freely with charcoal reminds me of my envy of the drawings of children – so free! Did my best to empty my mind as much as possible. 589 more words


Over It

Do you understand that I’m not that same person anymore?

I’m not her but I’m her.

I’ve pulled out my hair.

I’ve drowned myself more than once in the ocean of tears. 175 more words

Domestic Violence

That inner detonation

It still bothers me to see things from this fractured friendship. A note, a message, even a simple phone number. It sets off an inner fire inside that is ready to detonate and explode with rage at seeing the things that I counted on as a friend but truly were just what I call “front facing bs” now. 186 more words


Shards rained down, flaying random strips

One touch.

One arm outstretched, one finger extended. One world shattered. All in the briefest of moments, with no forethought afforded. No consequences considered. No test of will, no pause for consideration. 81 more words