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How to Handle a Sports Injury

The good news about riding my bike is that it exercises my cardiovascular system, sends oxygen molecules to my brain creating new neurotransmitters that fight off dementia, promotes my all ‘round physical conditioning and, lastly, it feels like I am… 501 more words


A Live Experience with Daughter and Fractures at 170 Russell, 11th April 2016

Daughter, a three-piece from London, fronted by the world’s most sweetly timid singer/songwriter, Elena Tonra, and supported by the talents of Swiss-born, Igor Haefeli and French rhythmic drummer, Remi Aguiell.  767 more words

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More pain, less pills

Brian is trying to go with less pain medicine.

He was prescribed several different pain medications at the hospital. His oxycontin was only about a weeks worth and he’s now out of it. 648 more words


7 Most Pressing Questions on Image Log Finally Answered

Here are the answers to 7 of the most frequently asked questions on borehole image logs.

(Image Source: www.pdgm.com)

1. What is a borehole image log? 624 more words

1- Well Logs Interpretation

Learning more and more...

I can’t seem to sleep at all. In all honesty we woke up extremely late today but I’ve done more than I have lately. Mainly just cleaning, helping Brian, cooking, running errands. 870 more words


Borehole Factories in an Isotropic World

A recent post by Anadarko in its Linkedin profile explained how they have reduced its Wattenberg drilling costs per foot by 50% and the completion costs per well by approximately 32% in 2015. 872 more words


Osteogenesis Imperfecta and You

I have never broken a bone. Not even as a child, careening wildly around playgrounds, rough housing with siblings or playing sports have I broken anything. 1,179 more words