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Either/Or Thinking (Fractured Prayer, Part 5)

I’m not sure how it happened, but again I got into a tangle with someone on Facebook.  And I got a bit trashed for being concerned with the future of the Church as an institution, but wanting both flexibility and structure–my interlocutor firmly asserted that “you can’t have it both ways.”  You can’t have a strong institutional structure that is also sensitive, responsive, and creative. 952 more words

d'Arnaud out more than 3 weeks, Blevins more than 6 weeks

The initial tests are complete and the results are in from the rash of injuries that took place in yesterday’s Mets Marlins game. Both d’Arnaud and Blevins were placed in splints, Travis for 3 weeks and Jerry for 6. 121 more words


"Are You Sure You Broke It?"

It’s amazing how much an injury to a small area can hurt like the dickens! I recently fractured my right great toe by dropping a 25 pound weight plate on it (oh, the hazards of being a gym rat…) and have been dealing with a tremendous amount of pain from the injury. 351 more words

Weightlifting And Exercise

Spring has sprung!

Greetings, faithful followers. I am still alive and kicking…okay, well, I’m not really kicking, but I am alive.

I just had my six-month check up at Yale with the endocrinologist who is managing my XLH and it was an informative and helpful trip. 936 more words

X-linked Hypophosphatemia

The Philosophy Of My Foot

I go where it goes 

Unless otherwise 


Then it goes elsewhere


I am deformed 


We travel nice places my ankle and I 

Tho the calf gets… 36 more words


JBJS Classics: Epiphyseal Plate Injuries

Each month during the coming year, OrthoBuzz will bring you a current commentary on a “classic” article from The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery… 428 more words

Surgeon Edition


You cannot understand the true meaning of the saying health is wealth until you get up one morning and you just can’t move your shoulder so you can do your usual day’s work. 275 more words

Elbow Surgeon Solihull