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In Betwixt and In Between

The house is torn up.  The studio is empty.  The living room is filled with boxes, one corner for Josh, the other for me.  The shower stall will be done Monday.  244 more words



Her fractures, to mend,
begged a lacy run of slowmelt kisses–
As above, so below.
John Biscello

Week 63: Taking It Easy This Week

Monday, 16 April 2018

I decided that I will step back from saying much this week.  The work around the house to get things ready for floors and such is a lot, and the broken wrist / finger situation tires me out. 14 more words

Another Monday

52. Broken Bones & Painting: False Fronts

Two days ago I was cleaning the kitchen up, even to the point of cleaning the oven and stove top – huge job for a Sunday morning.  301 more words


A Message from the "Officially" Fallen

It’s official:  two fractures, neither of which is especially serious.  More uncomfortable than anything, and inconvenient.  I have a splint for the middle finger, where I have a chip fracture on the joint above the knuckle.  69 more words



Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair 5th Edition pdf. Stay ahead of the rising demand for orthopedic surgery in veterinary practice with the most trusted handbook for small animal orthopedics. 441 more words

Bone Fractures for the Elderly - doctor Dwight

Bone fractures in the elderly Many of us have heard of elderly people fracturing a bone due to an unfortunate incident or accident. These accidents can range from a car crash to a slip and fall on slippery flooring. 19 more words