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A New Normal


“Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart.”

Psalm 27:14

I am a dancer. I have been a dancer for 10 years, it is what I know, it is what I think about, it is what I invest my life and time in, it is my passion, it is my joy, it is a way I feel God’s presence, it is the way I think, it is an outlet, it is my job, it is my normal. 1,249 more words

Fatal fractures

Head and spinal injuries are important topics in forensic pathology because (maybe obviously) they are often seen in fatal cases: the same trauma applied to another body part is often much less serious, and these areas are prime targets in deliberate attacks. 397 more words



I’ve mentioned in a few places that I have a poetry collection forthcoming and I’m now in a position to share some details about it.  214 more words

Ice, Ice Baby

Winter has finally hit en force to our northern climate.  With it comes cold, snow, and ice.  At NWO, we don’t have to look outside to know there’s ice on our roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.  534 more words


Those Unusual fractures in Adolescents

Two common fracture patterns involving the distal end of tibia are described in children. These specifically happen around adolescence and are linked to the fact that the distal tibial physis has started to fuse but has not yet fused completely. 236 more words


Under My Thumb.

“Under my thumb is a broken bone and a stretched tendon”.  Hmm. Somehow I can’t see Mick strutting around the stage to that lyric, and probably nor can you. 716 more words

twiddling fingers and hospital wars.......

Sitting in the hospital waiting room with my skater boy, while my dancing boy is at an eisteddfod, watching and supporting his fellow dancers and I’d almost rather be with him……almost……. 572 more words