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Infusion d'Iris EdP by Prada

In creating a scent for a big fashion behemoth like Prada, it is appropriate that the fragrance maintains a coherent link with the image of the house, for the simple reason that the average consumer likes to attach themselves with the narratives and biographies projected by these entities. 683 more words


Jaguar's Excellence is... well... excellent !

Here’s another “cheapo” that I decided to buy because I could get it at a “super cheapo” price, and my perception of this scent dovetails with what I said in recent posts about niche being something of a fad (at least among those who are not wealthy).  793 more words

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Le Mat by Mendittorosa

The dynamic combination of rose and patchouli, in terms of component parts, is perfume at its most simple. This is distinguished from a singular scent, where perfume contrastingly relies on construction – involving more than one part. 588 more words


Lalique - Encre Noire A L'Extreme

Hype is a dangerous thing. It can make you do inexplicable things like dropping $600 for a total blind-buy because a blogger called it “niche quality”, and I’ve been guilty (on more than one occasion) of doing exactly just that. 597 more words

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Thierry Mugler - Angel Muse

Being a certified, platinum-card holding #MuglerCircle member (I’m still waiting for my framed certificate, Mugler), the release of Angel Muse had me hyped. I mean, the vetiver (!) and hazelnut cream accord (!!!) is a combo made in heaven and I’m surprised so few designer houses have capitalized on the concept of gourmand vetivers in mainstream releases. 474 more words

Fragrance Reviews

A case of anti-"cheapo"snobbery?

Recently on Basenotes.net, someone created a thread to ask for “blind buy” advice:

“Royal Oud and Reflection Man are two very different scents, but each has a cedar/sandalwood base that is almost creamy and lightly sweet. 1,177 more words

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Red's Ultimate Fragrance Blogroll Post

The time has come to do something useful in this life.  And at this very moment, I am struck by the need for somebody to create a simple travel guide to the world of fragrance.   1,080 more words