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Is it time to take L'Air du Desert Marocain off of its pedestal?

One could argue that there are a ridiculous number of niche scents at this point (after all, how many releases are very similar to older ones, even in the niche world?), yet certain scents seem to be considered “must try” ones, at least in the minds of many online fragrance commenters/reviewers.  1,722 more words

Fragrance Reviews.

Thoughts on some "super-cheapo" compositions.

A few months back, I purchased two 100 ml bottles, one being Arno Sorel’s Magman at about $5.50 and the other being Club Intense by Sergio Tacchini for about $10 (at ScentedMonkey – I have no affiliation with them).  1,447 more words

The Basics.

TokyoMilk Dark Try-It Kit Review

Hello, friends! I’m welcoming myself back to the wonderful world of blogging with a short and sweet review of my latest indie fragrance brand, TokyoMilk Dark, and the Try-It Kit offered from Birchbox. 774 more words


Au Coeur du Désert by Tauer Perfumes

Flankers can be constructed in a number of different ways. The general principle (in my view) is as follows: take what made the original popular, reduce it to its fundamental accord(s), add something new and enhancing. 631 more words


Queen Of The Night - Dear Rose "White Song"

The Goddess Agdistis was born hermaphrodite.  This really wigged out the Gods and they decided that a chick with a dick was just too much of a threat, so they cut off her penis and buried it in the ground.  667 more words

Fragrance Reviews

The Ripper Returns. Secretions Magnifiques Etat Libre d`Orange

A God must be watching over me.  I love a challenge you see.  I love the smell of a newborn baby.  Of that gentle, post romp, nuzzly scent between you and the one you love, the smell of a mother nursing her infant (mothers milk has a slightly caramel note to it).  698 more words

Fragrance Reviews

Shaking the Tree - L'Amandiere - James Heeley

When first I used the tester of Heeley L’Amandiere, I was convinced I had picked up a vial of one of my favourites, Frederick Malle Editions, En Passant. 364 more words

Fragrance Reviews