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Fake Niche versus Real Niche.

As I said in the last post, I’m not all that interested in debating the concept of niche with others.  I have my notions about what it should mean, and then there are several common concepts about it that others hold.  1,423 more words

The Basics.

Stash SJP: Has the niche version of "Guerlinade" arrived?

I’ve been called a niche hater as well as a chronic niche sampler by those who seem to want to do anything in their power to deflect attention away from this question, but that will be the subject of this post (one can’t compel others to accept obvious reality, as is clearly the case in this age of “fake facts”).  1,743 more words

Fragrance Reviews.

Central Park South by Bond No. 9

Central Park South Perfume

Bond No. 9

Nose: ?, 2013

Big, lingering, but transparent ‘white floral’ perfume. From the very first spritz, suggested both the head and the heart notes are intensely present. 654 more words

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Lonestar Memories: The Neglected Brother?

Not long ago I wrote about Andy Tauer’s L’Air du Desert Marocain, and subsequently wrote a post about niche fragrances, the idea being that these seem to be mostly divided into “professional” (but sometimes derivative and “chemical”) compositions and what I think are best called amateur efforts.  1,112 more words

Fragrance Reviews.

Two Recent Coty Prestige Creations.

Coty has been criticized for some “junk” releases or apparent reformulations (of other brand names) in recent years, though I’m not sure anyone outside the company knows if there’s a big difference between how a Coty scent is created or reformulated versus a Coty Prestige one.  1,516 more words

Fragrance Reviews.

Is Hummer really a "bummer?"

It’s interesting how some fairly good scents can get a bad reputation, at least among the online crowd, rather quickly.  And the opposite can happen as well; for example, I can’t understand the interest in Timbuktu, other than because it was “hyped” early in the online niche craze of several years ago (and got an excellent review by Luca Turin in his “Perfumes” book).  1,014 more words

Fragrance Reviews.

Memories in a bottle: How a fragrance influences our existence.

What would we be without our sense of smell? We would find it hard to eat, to know where there is danger or recognize our mate.   371 more words

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