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Swimming in the breeze

Ebony winged butterfly

Floats and flutters by

Fragrant blooms gasp in wonder

Behold an angel yonder


Autumnal Moments

The sun has taken on that autumn hue, coating the world in a light as soft and golden as melted butter. The first few fall leaves roll across the roads and the gardens, and blow through the air on a warm and fragrant breeze. 163 more words

Mina Marial Nicoli

Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers'

Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’

Phonetic: A-spare-uh-gus den-si-floor-us

Common Name(s): Myers Asparagus

Family: Liliaceae/Asparagaceae
Origin: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial… 107 more words


Solanum laxum (jasminoides)

Botanical Name: Solanum laxum (jasminoides)

Phonetic: So-LAN-um Lax-um (Jaz-min-OY-deez)

Common Name(s): Potato Vine


Family: Solanaceae
Origin: Brazil
Plant Type: Vine
Persistence: Evergreen… 77 more words


Abelia x grandiflora

Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora

Phonetic: uh-Beal-ee-uh Grand-i-flor-uh

Common Name(s): Glossy Abelia

Family: Caprifoliaceae
Origin: China
Plant Type: Shrub
Persistence: Evergreen generally/Deciduous

Leaf Type:  Ovate  95 more words


Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks'

A ginger hybrid introduced in 1992 at Florida’s Gainesville Tree Farm, is a hardy, fragrant plant that blooms in late July and August.  The strong fragrance that fills the air from the flowers is much like honeysuckle.

Crinum americanum

The swamp lily is a fragrant plant found growing in swamps, marshes and bogs throughout the Southeast United States.  It is a native perennial herb with an onion like bulb.  30 more words