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Strength. What is it?

So, as a gift to myself for successfully making it through another year I purchased a writing prompt book. Not to help me with writing a blog but to give me an opportunity to channel so many different things I never thought about on my own. 449 more words


One more night

of endless sounds

muffled voices

all around…

Carts on wheels

and squeaky shoes

pills in cups

some white some blues

Skin so frail… 24 more words


Don’t Let Her Out of Sight

by F.C. Malby

He passes the bus stop. She is standing in the rain huddled over a shopping trolley, the wind buffeting her coat and blowing the hood away from the silver threads of her hair. 334 more words

Flash Fiction

“Obesity was a survival benefit in HF patients without comorbid diabetes” –AJCC March 2017

“Frail patients were at almost twice the risk of dying in the year after admission to critical care compared to non-frail patients, even after accounting for important characteristics like age, the number of organs supported during care and major comorbidities like metastatic disease or kidney failure.”–Bold Voices September 2017 p.9…

147 more words

Just Dust

Psalm 78 is one of my favorite Psalms.  It is one of those good historic Psalms, that recounts the goodness of God, how He has saved the people over and over again, how they had been faithful, turned from their sin, but then turned back to their sin.    425 more words



Frailty is essential to humanity. In all our collective efforts to be strong and amass wealth, protection, and muscle mass, there are some things in which we cannot be protected from natural disaster, heartache, and a bullet through the skull. 279 more words


Becoming a Delirium Champion

Well done RCN Older People’s Forum and My Dementia Improvement Network for getting behind a campaign to raise awareness of identifying delirium not just in hospital but also within the community. 196 more words