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By the Countryside

“By the Countryside” was painted using acrylic paints in an impasto method, blending together thick layers of acrylic paint on the canvas to create color combinations and texture. 109 more words


The Process of Car Frame Welding

The frame is one of the most important parts of the car—it houses all the other parts and keeps everything where it needs to be. When this frame is being built or repaired, special care is needed to ensure that it’s strong and secure. 178 more words

Auto Care

1999 Kawasaki ZG 1200 Voyager Xii Subframe - Seat Support Frame

1999 Kawasaki ZG 1200 Voyager Xii Subframe – Seat Support Frame

The Subframe bolts to the Main Frame and holds the rear bodywork (tail plastic or rear fender) and seats. 35 more words

Documentation; 04/05/16 - slow progression, and the penultimate days

Sketches of the plan for how mine, Nathan Mullis’ and Julia Hopkins’ work in the space, and how each shall correlate to one another.

The frame, and the branches – resembling a coffin with a dead corpse within. 203 more words


Tension Saw Design

Over the last week I have been designing a tension saw I can 3D print and use both to make my jewellery as well as items for the house I am building.  142 more words

3D Print

Music to my ears

You choose to build the place you live in a way that reminds you who you are.

So here are two of my big loves, which define some ellements of my personality. Music and Photography.



I planned my trip so that I could spend at least two days in the Mojave Desert and get some Milky Way shots.
The last night of shooting the moon was finally rising and I was about to leave, but the faint orange glow of the last frame made me think that I could wait a little more and add that element to the shot. 21 more words