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The Future for the SuperCycle

So, I’ve been mulling over what’s next for the Supercycle. We have proven that the concept is possible looking at various components. I think the next logical step is to have someone draw the frame and wheels to give a better idea. 113 more words


Mundane? Water

Given that about two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by sea, it’s difficult to think of anything more mundane than water. But it becomes a little more interesting if a tiny proportion of it – like this detail of a water park near Sydney – is suitably framed (in this case by the brick border of the walkway).

Mundane Mondays


Building a frame for something meaningful.

Imagine this.

It’s sunny, 70 degrees, you have a beautiful view of calm, clear water. You see the occasional boater or paddle boarder. Yes, my friends you were envisioning this. 331 more words


Be Funky With Metal Frame Sunglasses

In hot summer days, many people wear sunglasses to protect eyes from being hurt by UV radiation. These days, sunglasses are the hottest selling fashion accessory. 27 more words