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Season Wreaths

A combination of fresh and fragrant conifers and spicy berries reminds of people’s favourite winter festivities, including Christmas and New Year.Ā  I like the colors included green, blue and red. 496 more words


Framed Quote

Frame it on the wall and in your mind!

Bouncy Ball

  • slow
  • fast

To begin off my Animation studies, we are tasked with animating a simple bouncy ball. Here we are targeted to work on timing and to get the right amount of frames to make it appear smooth and give the illusion that the ball is actually bouncing. 56 more words

Finding the best frame.

Iā€™m quite particular about 4 things in life. My music, my wine, my shoes and my glasses. So, today Iā€™m talking about one of these things. 407 more words