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Ember.js - Components and Models

The next stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Components and Models. This section covers About components and model hooks, Add component templates, Load model data with a Handlebars each loop, Load model data using bind-attr and yield, Customizing the component with Ember.Component, About Web Components and Finish building a component.


Ember.js - Routes and Templates

The next stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Routes and Templates. This section covers Understanding routes, Review routes with Ember Inspector, Load templates with routes, Create links with the link-to helper and Build artist pages with routes and templates.


Page Object Pattern...??

Page Object pattern solves one of the biggest problem that any automation framework face i.e Managing utils, managing methods, reducing code duplicity etc. It solves this by suggesting certain methodology for managing and modelling the code. 349 more words

Selenium Automation

life keeps getting in the way ...

 … but finally I’ve made some time and some progress on the camper. In the last couple of days I’ve completed the floor, so that is now insulated and skinned inside as well as out. 163 more words

My Camper

Ember.js- Getting Started

The first stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Getting Started. This section covers What is Ember?, How to use Ember, How this course works, Understanding Ember core concepts, About the Ember Starter Kit, Customize our code and Installing Ember Inspector.


A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Framework for You

An ever expanding variety of frameworks is available to designers and front-end developers alike, ready for quick prototyping and implementation. There is a wide range of comprehensive and lightweight frameworks, and pretty much everything in between. 74 more words

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