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Series Phản Phác Qui Chân - Luận về Optimize Code

Đa số các bạn newbie thường phạm phải một sai lầm cơ bản: Quá mức quan tâm về tốc độ thực thi của code,  của… 1,596 more words

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Agile / Scrum Frameworks


Agile software development refers to a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. 308 more words

The power of HR: Small changes big gains (marginal gains)

Any change you want to make to knowledge or learning processes, behaviours and structures in your organisation should involve marginal gains across the HR Pathway. 68 more words


token^cash^bigger rewards

Which one for tgt/control and which one for long-term goal?

  1. token or intangible rewards
    1. eg: sticker, kiss, praises
  2. immediate “cash” rewards (https://1330152open.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/tv-cash-reward/)
    1. for target/control, this is the most effective type of reward…
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JavaScript framework - How to pick the privilege JS framework for working on next web project?

To start with a new web development project JS frameworks may not be the first thing that strikes the developer’s mind. Today, to devote his time on there are several functional things and frameworks available to the developer. 875 more words

Changing ASP.NET Core Identity tables' names

In this post I’m going to write about how I can change ASP.NET Identity tables’ names. For this post I’ve created new ASP.NET CORE application and I’ve selected… 199 more words


Enterprise Architecture - What Is It and How Can It Be Applied to HIS?

It’s week 7 for Health Informatics 201 and this week, the driving question we were asked was…

In a multistakeholder, multicomponent health information system, how can you ensure that all the players are doing their part?

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Health Informatics