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Are you ready to play with Do-It-Yourself Alexa Speaker, WiFi SIP phone, WiFi walkie-talkie, Internet Radio player and broadcasting? Then the Open Source hardware ESP32-ADF is the right board to start with!

With ESP32-WROOM-B module with 8MB RAM and 4MB of Flash, two microphones, two 3W speakers, codec, amplifier, Lipo charger, USB with programming, Audio 3.5mm jack, … 122 more words


Creating the right framework to realise the benefits of health data

Department of Health and Social Care | July 2019 | Creating the right framework to realise the benefits of health data

This document provides an update on the development of government policy to: 114 more words

Health Informatics

Implementing a Strategy to "rule them all..."

The Strategy pattern

The Strategy pattern is one of the OOP design patterns which I like the most..

According to wikipedia, “the strategy pattern (also known as the policy pattern) is a behavioral software design pattern that enables selecting an algorithm at runtime. 1,777 more words


Learned helplessness vs. learned optimism in congregations

In the field of psychology there is a condition known as learned helplessness. The subject is put into a challenging environment – for example, there might be a persistent, sharp sound – with no way to overcome the issue. 416 more words

Node.js APIs caching made simple!

In this article we discuss how we can easily implement APIs caching in distributed solutions.
A Node.js implementation is described, in concrete the great http-cache-middleware… 642 more words


Framework for Evaluating National Malaria Programs in Moderate and Low Transmission Settings: Aide Memoire

The epidemiology of malaria has become increasingly heterogeneous in many countries. These countries require granular data on transmission risk and incidence to effectively inform and target their interventions and track their progress. 96 more words