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MVC, MVVM and Frameworks

I’ve been writing a whole bunch about MVC architectures – client side and server side. But I hit a problem. You see, MVC and MVVM… 938 more words

Web Development

The lone walk of a new technology

 or how to choose a programming language or framework for your new project

All these new technologies, new programming languages, new frameworks for those languages… 684 more words


What is going on with invasive knapweed? OR How I spent my PhD

Over the course of my PhD work (published here, and most recently here), I have found evidence for evolved differences in phenotype (in other words, in their morphology, development, phenology, stress responses) between native and invasive populations of… 790 more words

Invasion Biology

of Me, Myself & My Frame of Mind

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Cliches are so old and we tend to avoid it like a plague. What is wrong with a little bit of introduction, which usually starts with a definition? 631 more words

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