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LeanFT Cucumber Framework - Lets talk Gherkin !

Imagine a room full of 50 people and you whisper a story in the ears of the first person and he narrates it to the second and so on till the 50th one. 197 more words


LeanFT TestNG Framework - Kicking off your Automation!

So you’ve learnt the basics of LeanFT. What next ?

The obvious answer would be to start writing a Framework. Before you start fishing in the troubled waters, let me do a reality check. 182 more words


Dullea’d Commencement

This has been a long time coming – that is, my writing.  I’ve felt compelled to write for quite a while, but have found it extremely difficult to get the ball rolling again. 584 more words


Announcing Babylon.js 3.0

Babylon.js is an open source framework that allows you to create stunning 3D experiences in your browser. Built with simplicity and performance in mind, it is the engine that fuels the Remix3D site or the Xbox Design Lab. 34 more words

Creating iOS Frameworks

Have you ever wanted to share a chunk of code between two or more of your apps, or wanted to share a part of your program with other developers? 1,823 more words


Perencanaan Strategis Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi - Anita Cassidy

Strategi merupakan serangkaian keputusan dan tindakan manajerial yang menentukan kinerja perusahaan dalam jangka panjang. Manajemen strategi meliputi pengamatan lingkungan, perumusan strategi (perencanaan strategis atau perencanaan jangka panjang), implementasi strategi dan evaluasi, serta pengendalian (Hunger & Wheelen, 2003: 4). 433 more words