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Ba[Arch] Year Two: Project Three A

Project Three A: Framework

With “Framework”, we were put into groups of 4-6 (in my case: 6) and then given a occupation, in this case a leather-worker, and then asked to develop a build on Union Street. 71 more words




감리수행가이드 점검 프레임워크

정보시스템 감리 수행가이드(한국정보화진흥원, 2013)의 점검프레임워크를 설명한 것으로 가장 거리가 먼 것은? (3)

  1. 사업유형/감리시점, 감리영역, 감리관점/점검기준 3개의 분류로 되어 있다.
  2. 사업유형은 생명주기를 기준으로 EA, ISP, 시스템 개발, DB 구축, 시스템 운영, 유지보수의 6개로 구분된다.
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[ PHP ] Yii Framework - Installasi

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Sebelumnya saya sudah membahas tentang Yii Framework, dan sejarahnya Yii Framework. Sekarang adalah tahapan untuk installasi Yii. Berbeda dengan Coding PHP yang lainnya yang bisa langsung di tulis di htdocs bagi yang menggunakan windows. 120 more words

Programming And Scripting

An enduring success is not an accident,

you need a dream, then a framework to drive the dream,

you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, 66 more words


MSSTRAM Session 2: Cybersecurity Framework

Class discussion about PESTLE Analysis were continued so other groups can share the industry they chose to analyze. Still other groups did not have the opportunity to share their work at that time since we also had seminar about Cyber Security Framework. 332 more words


Library vs Framework

It is quite a common question in all of the software developers mind, what is the difference between a Library and a Framework? The two concepts are important but sometimes confusing. 209 more words