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Why do you need network analysis for your KM and rapid learning programs?

Have you considered what complexity looks like in your network or organisational system or how it could influence your Knowledge Management, Human Capital or Rapid Learning project – take a look at the video to find out? 146 more words


A note on FOSS based integrated software framework for E-Governance and sustainable development of village panchayats.

Sustainable development – definition, concepts and philosophy

Sustainable development was first described as, the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 2,696 more words


Some thoughts on good design

Now a then I get involved in discussions about good design, where the other part says: “Architects want to make everything beautiful, but in the first place it has to be practical. 808 more words


Quote for Today: Dave Hickey

Jazz presumes that it would be nice if the four of us–simpatico dudes that we are–while playing this complicated song together, might somehow be free and autonomous as well. 75 more words

Quote For Today

Creativity - the October Resolution

It’s true the month is nearly over to set up a resolution for it. But even if I hadn’t announced it here, my topic for this month is creativity, and I kept it in mind over the last three weeks while working, traveling, and deciding on activities. 183 more words


On the case

I’m currently working on a longer document (which may need a couple of posts) which will outline my analysis strategy. As I read through Miles, Huberman and Saldaña (2014) to explore background material and underpinning concepts, the notion of the ‘case’ came up and it struck me that I’ve not yet articulated clearly what for me will constitute a case. 931 more words


Mark Zuckerberg Shares His Daughter’s First Word in an Adorable Facebook Photo

Dogs are a girl’s best friend.

Mark Zuckerberg‘s 10-month-old daughter Max is reaching milestones, and like every other parent, he’s documenting it all on social media — Facebook, of course. 220 more words