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Is Your Strategic Plan in SHAPE?

As much as we try, there are some things that come naturally and some things that don’t.

One of those “love-it-or-hate-it” activities is business planning, also known as… 644 more words

Effective Management

JavaScript Frameworks

The MV* is a family of browser-based frameworks that separate concepts to help guide the developer when creating a SPA. According to SPA Design and Architecture… 214 more words

Single Page Application

Building AI systems that work is still hard

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Even with the support of AI frameworks like TensorFlow or OpenAI, artificial intelligence still requires deep knowledge and understanding compared to a mainstream web developer. 1,969 more words


Why reading news is a waste of your time

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the following controversial argument.

Reading the news, engaging with newspapers, and keeping up with what’s being reported in the media is a complete waste of your time. 3,000 more words


Apple's watchOS 4.3.1 suggests future support for third party Apple Watch faces

”Ever since the Apple Watch was introduced, developers have been asking for the ability to create their own watch faces,” Guilherme Rambo reports for 9to5Mac. “Currently, only Apple can provide watch faces, while some of them have content from Pixar and Disney.” 110 more words


exhausted revelations

“Life is a moment. Live it.” says on the pizza box. I think it’s a Pepsi slogan, the bottle cap has the Pepsi logo, but there’s no mentioning of the brand name. 441 more words

Short Stories

Demon's Souls and Borges - On Exactitude in Games

The following is a comparison between Demon’s Souls and the Souls franchise, created by FROMSoftware, and two short stories by Jorge Luis Borges. The progression of the Souls games puts one in mind of ‘On Exactitude in Science’ by Borges, for reasons that will become clear shortly. 1,308 more words