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Back in 2013, when I was still very much a newbie to all things Irish, Aidan McAteer, the director of the series I was producing, casually asked me if he could take me to lunch as he had a project to discuss with me. 505 more words


Brand Architecture - Types II

There’s a very good reason that you don’t see BSRM or Berger Paints expose you to their contents on the same frequency Lux does. They know you don’t care. 876 more words

Brand Architecture - Types I

Similar to brand guidelines, the brand architecture provides a more holistic portfolio design for the entire business. A successful brand architecture enables a consumer to understand one’s entire portfolio through the access of one brand. 570 more words

Automation is a Product. YOUR Product.

Although automation is made of code, there’s a difference in how it’s treated, when compared to “real code” is treated.

“Real code” is the stuff written by your company, that’s meant for your users. 181 more words

Software Testing

Teaching Information Literacy Reframed

I have been working on a small project recently. I think it`s about time that librarians in Norway discuss whether or not we should try to use a standard or a framework in our information literacy classes, and I have been working on translating the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education to Norwegian and tried to see if I could somehow find some practical uses, through describing learning outcomes and learning activities to match them. 246 more words

Learning from Executives’ War Stories

In my previous blog, I had argued for why faculty at the leading business schools in the world tend to be researchers with PhDs rather than executives. 1,003 more words