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How to: Project, frameworks, common projects, libs - Part 1

If you have been asked to upgrade the project structure or taken over some tasks to revamp your git repository in more meaningful manner- definitely, there will challenges ahead and among them would be inter-dependency of projects on common library developed in-house or 3rd party, which has its own life-cycle – master, dev, hotfix, and release. 71 more words

Another take on cultural paradigms: 'autonomy, community, divinity'

From time to time I read Jayson Georges’ blog Honorshame.com as a way of working my cultural anthropology skills. We have often used the three cultural paradigms – guilt, shame and fear – in order to unpack differences between Tanzania and Australia, and the way theology comes to bear on these different contexts. 232 more words

Written By Arthur

Tiny Boxes; Drab or Grey??

We are often asked write much like we’re told to liveA certain style, rhythm;

An acuteness for precision.
We’re goaded to cheer and gawk at this tiny little box. 203 more words


On Preventing Decision Fatigue

So I bought around 40 pounds of Lego. They were a great price and I couldn’t pass them up.

I guess I can let our 4 girls play with them too :) 517 more words


Educational Engagement

You learn by doing. You’ve heard it before, and I subscribe to this notion personally. How, though do we develop the class time where new concepts are to be shared and reinforced? 491 more words

Exlibris - Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche

It’s time to take another look at ourselves – to re – enliven our sense of what it is to be human, to breathe new life into ancient intuitions of who we are, and to learn again to celebrate, as we once did, our instinctive affinity with the Earth community in which we’re rooted. 1,445 more words



This Article highlights eight most popular Front-end JavaScript frameworks, libraries & tools As of now and takes a bird’s eye view of how each one of them can ease your javascript app development. 968 more words