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A Dive into SystemJS - Production Considerations

Previously we have looked at the basic configuration of SystemJS and what happens when you attempt to load modules. What we have covered so far is good enough for a development system, but things are different when you try to push your code to production and performance is much more important. 1,911 more words


Semana 4. Todo va sobre Rails.

Ojo cuidao! En el momento de escribir esto, es domingo 1 de mayo. Esto significa dos cosas: la primera, que aunque mañana es fiesta en la Comunidad de Madrid, nosotros no conocemos eso y seguimos peleando en Ironhack. 698 more words

Desarrollo Web

We're Not Paid to Code

Close to the Metal

I had a conversation with a friend on how Cucumber can be used for testing.

His contention was, it’s more a novelty than anything. 703 more words


Our brains are not us - but so what?

This week I’m spurred into comment thanks to LinkedIn and its uncanny ability to slip awareness of Hilary Scarlett’s book, Neuroscience for Organizational Change, into my brain. 548 more words

"What Should I Learn?"

 A friend who is in the QA/Automation space asked me the following question the other day:

Since we have nothing to work on at work right now, I’ve been looking at tutorials. 

2,795 more words

Rollin' on Rails

Last week I was asked to explain what a framework was. But the questioner was a good friend with no knowledge of the programming world, which made it especially challenging to explain – partially because I’m not 100% sure how to explain it to myself. 471 more words


What’s my open source tool for Mobile App test automation?

That small, mobile but not so little device we’re all holding in our hands is a powerful thing. Its ability to completely takeover our lives is astonishing, technology wise, it’s all the talk and rave.  787 more words

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