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Starting software projects: Tools

At this time, when we have the idea, some requirements and maybe some designs about our application is time to think what tools, frameworks, languages, IDEs, etc, we are going to uso to develop the entire solution. 1,259 more words

Project Manajement

The Hurdles of Life

I am at the airport with my family (well, the boys as Kelsey is at college) waiting to board our flight to Florida.  NO- we are not flying to Disney (ok-we are going to Universal for 2 days).   1,052 more words


FFmpeg - A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.

Nowaday, the Audio and Video are so popular. As a developer, you have many works to process them such as record, convert, stream, etc.

Actually, if you are an Java-er, C#-er, etc, it is really difficult to find the way to do that with pure language programming. 201 more words


Musings | The Philosophy of Tags vs. Folders

Sometimes I get an idea into my head that is just a fun mental exercise and perhaps a pathway forward to new frameworks and understandings, through technology. 892 more words

Spring 2017

To Err is Human: Science & the Art of Finding Our Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Even scientists. It’s part of being human. That’s actually why science is so invaluable — it’s a collaborative practice that requires us to continually test, share, and reevaluate the evidence upon which we’ve based our interpretations of reality. 162 more words


Leg 2: Exploring Our Options

For the second leg of our project we started exploring the tools we will need to build our web application. We looked at the positive and negative aspects of several widely used web frameworks, front-end frameworks, databases, and hosting services. 669 more words