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How Frameworks Shackle You, and How to Break Free

I sometimes hate software frameworks. More precisely, I hate their cookie cutter systems of mass production.

Personally, when someone tells me about a cool new feature of a framework, what I really hear is “look at the shine on those iron shackles.” 1,349 more words

Is that job parent friendly?

People ask me all the time how I decide if I can do a particular job while raising kids as part of a dual income family.   638 more words

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The IT framework wars makes you stupid and blind

I often get questions about how to combine different framework, what ITIL says about something or my opinion about using some methodology in the development team and how that will work with ITIL. 781 more words

The First Chapters

OkHttp - An HTTP & SPDY Java client

                               As HTTP/2 adoption is already done by some of the web servers and the browsers, its time for developers to adopt HTTP client libraries to support HTTP/2. 90 more words


Don't let "Long Term Balance" delude you. Balance matters everyday.

In a post earlier this year, Penelope Trunk wrote about what life would look like if we didn’t have work-life balance.  She also posted a picture of her five-year old son and admitted she has very few pictures of him at that age.   563 more words

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Adding UI Automation Skills to Manual Testing

Why is UI Automation So Difficult?

There’s a trend I’ve noticed where people who are able to automate tests are more like developers than testers. 672 more words


Why do I write about this stuff? I guess it's time to share my story.

I’m asked all the time why I write about “this stuff”.  “This stuff” meaning the intersection of being a mother, a parent, and a women in the workplace.   1,323 more words

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