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AQtime Standard 8.24 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 EMB Edition

AQtime Standard 8.24 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 EMB Edition | 125 Mb

AQtime is a software performance exploration suite to help developers track down memory leaks, CPU and other I/O bottlenecks, perform comprehensive code coverage analysis, and perform fault simulation. 264 more words


PIP is a tiny PHP application framework built for people who use a LAMP stack. PIP aims to be as simple as possible to set up and use. 15 more words


Object Relational Mapping


The understanding over Object Relational Mapping, or ORM, is fundamental to any good programmer. There are extremely few situations where its usage isn’t recommended, if any at all. 1,587 more words


A little TIP

The Technology Integration Planning (TIP) Model assists teachers to assess that the use of technology in lessons is efficient and successful in meeting students needs. This is done through five phases; 106 more words


Mobile application frameworks for mobile software

8:33 PMTechnotips Edit developersNumber of mobile in different sizes releasing market day by day.so developing applications and softwares to mobile is big project and potential to earn huge money to developers People are now inclined towards mobile held devices likephone,tablet and smart phones more than desktop computers or laptopcomputers.Developing software applications for mobile devices has its own challenges. 473 more words


En el desarrollo de aplicaciones web es obligatorio  apoyarse en un framework para su construcción, existen muchos frameworks web en el mercado, algunos consolidados, otros en sus primeros pasos, pero cada uno con una óptica  diferente o similar a  como se debe construir la capa web de una aplicación. 274 more words


CakePHP 3.0.2 installation

I ran into trouble setting up authentication with CakePHP 2.6.2. Given the choice between two branches, I usually choose the newer one. I decided it would be a good time to install CakePHP 3.0.2. 298 more words