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A Subquery Using ColdBox's Detached Criteria Builder

Let’s say we want to create the following SQL query with a subquery using ColdBox’s Detached Criteria Builder:

select *
from reports r
where r.report_id not in (
   select report_id
   from confirmations c
   inner join staffs s on s.staff_id = c.staff_id
   inner join teams t on t.team_id = s.team_id
   where t.teamName = 'Developers'
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In any device, plugins are an indispensable tool for customization. For e.g in a television, we can add a home theater, to enhance our experience. In any book that we read, we can add a bookmark to help us remember the last page, but it isn’t necessary. 386 more words

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Themosis Framework

A framework for WordPress developers.
Build custom websites and applications with WordPress.


The Themosis framework is a tool aimed to WordPress developers of any levels. 16 more words


UI Testing with Watir and Sinatra


I’d set out to solve the problem of attaching automation to an already running browser.

The reason was:  a set of UI tests I’d written were self-contained, and had the possibility of getting unwieldy, difficult to understand or debug. 1,547 more words


Essays in Love & Frameworks

I recently finished reading Essays in Love by Alain de Botton. de Botton, who is now a well-published pop philosophy writer, wrote Essays in Love  713 more words


SAMR: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefination

As a management consultant frameworks are key tool for me; a well designed framework is quickly understood by the client and team and can aid understanding and adoption. 315 more words