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I recently was in a training for work where the moderator asked us to close our eyes and find a happy place. He recommended this technique as a way to reduce stress in the work place. 817 more words


A Belief as strong as Love

Wow, we really do suck at taking pictures together… Sarah is the photogenic babe on the left.

In seventh grade I saw this brooding, unhappy and scary looking girl and for some reason my brain immediately thought: “oh, she’s a gorgeous (in all aspects of the word) person, let’s go be her friend”.

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Life Posts

Mammal Training

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines!

This week on Dani’s blog – a review of in service training!

So where we last left off I told you about January, a pretty uneventful month by all standards. 782 more words

You Filthy Socialist

My sister and I are very different people except in one key area. We’re both rotten, filthy socialists.

Like many Mid-Western families who have barely ever existed outside of a 50 mile radius from where we grew up (“Hey, that’s not fair,” my uncle shouts! 471 more words

Family Values

Tiny Garage Doors

Maayong Gabi-i from the Philippines!

So, the good news: I’m almost caught up with blogs, the bad news: I’m going to have to start getting more creative with what I write about once I’m caught up. 1,147 more words

Friendship, Family, and the Future

Since the holidays, Guy and I have made a healthy habit of talking about our future on a regular basis. With our living situation and his job situation having been in flux recently, it’s important to both of us that we stay on the same page and check in on our long term plans. 354 more words


So I’ve been proofing a book and haven’t read a new one to review. I should have one done for Friday don’t worry, I read quickly 😉. 236 more words