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Spring & Summer Snapshots Part 1| Picture Diary 2015

Augh! I’m running late! It’s October and I’m only showing you my part 1?! Ah! Crazy! Hope you enjoyed some of my cherished moments of the Spring and Summer, regardless of the date. 44 more words

Little by little...

Finally went and bought some more rubbermaid boxes from the BX yesterday. I can’t believe how low the number of days we have left is! It’s getting exciting! 447 more words

Doing Life Together

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus!

As humans, we are made for community. God created man, and then said he needed a companion. 350 more words


I'm not the only one, You're not the only one

My first post was cathartic. I’ve always turned to writing to release my emotions, but it’s been private. The thought of putting it out there for everyone to read, or even just the people who know me to read was overwhelming. 251 more words


What A Weekend

After a long week at school with projection mapping, arduinos, Light Blue Beans, coding, 3-D printing, and a commercial at that, Friday held the promise of wine and fine company. 172 more words


A Love Letter

Today is the two year anniversary of Mom’s death, which is hard to believe. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, sometimes it seems like decade, but really, it’s only been 24 months. 446 more words

Celebrating the big age of 1!

True to the stereotype, our 2nd born was screwed out of the big themed, over the top 1st birthday.  Up until about a month ago I wasn’t going to be “that mother” who did not give all their children the proper birthday bash.   68 more words