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life goes on

Life goes on……………..
I don’t like the month of JUNE and this year will be ten years since my parents were “promoted to glory” or they passed or died or are no more – yes I am bordering on quoting the whole of the dead parrot scene from Monty Python, but I won’t. 496 more words


Community (Single & Following Jesus Series Part I)

As promised, embarking on this journey of loving life as an unmarried person.

I know this is foreign to some, yet you can be blissfully happy with just God and friends. 698 more words


I recently was in a training for work where the moderator asked us to close our eyes and find a happy place. He recommended this technique as a way to reduce stress in the work place. 817 more words


A Belief as strong as Love

Wow, we really do suck at taking pictures together… Sarah is the photogenic babe on the left.

In seventh grade I saw this brooding, unhappy and scary looking girl and for some reason my brain immediately thought: “oh, she’s a gorgeous (in all aspects of the word) person, let’s go be her friend”.

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Life Posts

Mammal Training

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines!

This week on Dani’s blog – a review of in service training!

So where we last left off I told you about January, a pretty uneventful month by all standards. 780 more words

You Filthy Socialist

My sister and I are very different people except in one key area. We’re both rotten, filthy socialists.

Like many Mid-Western families who have barely ever existed outside of a 50 mile radius from where we grew up (“Hey, that’s not fair,” my uncle shouts! 471 more words

Family Values

Tiny Garage Doors

Maayong Gabi-i from the Philippines!

So, the good news: I’m almost caught up with blogs, the bad news: I’m going to have to start getting more creative with what I write about once I’m caught up. 1,147 more words