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Joie de vivre!

Who do you know that when you’re together joy just erupts? Call them, text them, get together. Life is too short to go without snatches of joie de vivre! 7 more words


4. fRamily circle

(#4 in a series of people who
changed the course of my life)

When I imagine my fRamily—people we choose to be our family—I sometimes see us like that  422 more words

This Life

All that's left to say.........goodbye

I’ve questioned

I’ve wondered

I’ve cried

I’ve denied

I’ve moved

I’ve stayed

I’ve called

I’ve listened

And yet it’s in the stillness and silence that these days made sense… 93 more words



4,000 miles driven

150 tacos (at least)

130 beautiful children (obviously not mine, through Side by Side Kids)

113 Degrees in August

25 Years Old… 192 more words



The Happiest Birthday Ever!

My primary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation. This weekend put my love tank into complete overflow!

When I say overflow I mean it, and the flood came from my eyes! 303 more words


making memories

5 familes

10 adults

8 children

3 condos

1 beach

7 days

early in the week, one adult said to her child who was asking permission to take part in an activity, “go for it – you’re making memories.”  and as i look back upon last week’s family vacation, that mantra stands firm.  440 more words


#SOL15: Oh, The Friends You Meet When The Places You Go!

What a pleasure to meet up face to face with friends during my learning journeys!

It’s summertime,

No time for flashy app,

No time for learning something new. 42 more words

Slice Of Life 15