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They Still Love Me

I started doing my own thing ashamed thinking that people would miss me. If I bring them joy why should I ever go elsewhere? Some fret at the thought of my absence, others expect grandiose returns. 117 more words


Last night, I was out with my church family and other friends playing board games.

And it inspired me to share with you what I consider as my family. 559 more words



Yesterday, the Whiners (er….Winers?) took a field trip.  Without kids.  A mom field trip.  To the Mom Mecca.  The Holy Grail of all kidless days.  Mom Disneyworld.   639 more words

A Dedication To My Framily

I’m not normally a mushy person. Okay, never mind. I’m TOTALLY a mushy person. I’m emotional, filled to the brim with feelings that I wear on my sleeve. 275 more words

Our little Czechicans love the cold!

I am so happy that we have had a very mild winter, the cold can be unbearable sometimes.  What I do love is when the snow is really coming down, it is above 30 degrees and the plows wait until the snow stops to come and clean the roads.   308 more words


Open Letter to a Friend that got away.

Dear Facebook Friend,

Hi. I am sorry we lost that real connection. I am sorry I call you a Facebook Friend, since most of my “Facebook Friends” are not actually my friends. 545 more words