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Giving Thanks

This year I have a lot to be thankful for. Last year in September our barn was taken over by a new barn manager. I wrestled with whether or not to stay, but in the end decided I wouldn’t upset my mare’s routine and see how things went. 235 more words

My bro is getting married!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written anything but life has been, well, boring.  Do you want to know that I am dying to see Hunger Games and am getting pissed (not really) that I haven’t seen it yet!   389 more words


Fall and halloween fun!

As fast as fall arrives, it leaves.  But it was fun being out there in layers and enjoying the brisk days.  As a family we enjoyed going to a pumpkin patch, attending a family friendly Halloween bash and of course Halloween.   67 more words


Hanging with local moms!

As I have said before, I am so fortunate to have the group of girlfriends that I have in my life. I am even more blessed that we have grown together, from our party days, to our dating, marriages, divorces, re-marriages, kids and so much more.   511 more words


Spring & Summer Snapshots Part 1| Picture Diary 2015

Augh! I’m running late! It’s October and I’m only showing you my part 1?! Ah! Crazy! Hope you enjoyed some of my cherished moments of the Spring and Summer, regardless of the date. 44 more words

Little by little...

Finally went and bought some more rubbermaid boxes from the BX yesterday. I can’t believe how low the number of days we have left is! It’s getting exciting! 447 more words

Doing Life Together

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As humans, we are made for community. God created man, and then said he needed a companion. 350 more words