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Hearing those words “It is cancer” is hard. Hearing the plan for treating said cancer is hard. Receiving treatment for cancer is hard. Chemotherapy is no walk in the park. 305 more words

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

Today, I celebrate my namesake and hero, Eric Earl Jones, Sr. aka Pastor Jones.

My dad joined the ranks of fatherhood at the tender age of twenty.   320 more words


Eleanor turns 6.0

Tonight … we celebrate you.

A woman of grace, class, and commitment.
A woman of intellect, integrity, and intuition.
A woman with charm, character, and charisma. 296 more words


life goes on

Life goes on……………..
I don’t like the month of JUNE and this year will be ten years since my parents were “promoted to glory” or they passed or died or are no more – yes I am bordering on quoting the whole of the dead parrot scene from Monty Python, but I won’t. 496 more words


Community (Single & Following Jesus Series Part I)

As promised, embarking on this journey of loving life as an unmarried person.

I know this is foreign to some, yet you can be blissfully happy with just God and friends. 698 more words


I recently was in a training for work where the moderator asked us to close our eyes and find a happy place. He recommended this technique as a way to reduce stress in the work place. 817 more words


A Belief as strong as Love

Wow, we really do suck at taking pictures together… Sarah is the photogenic babe on the left.

In seventh grade I saw this brooding, unhappy and scary looking girl and for some reason my brain immediately thought: “oh, she’s a gorgeous (in all aspects of the word) person, let’s go be her friend”.

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