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Northeast Road Trip Update 3

If you missed my first update about our 3-week northeast road trip, you can check it out here. The second one was American History themed and… 1,307 more words

Photo Journal

Best Day EVER (all the details..)

When people tell you to enjoy every second of your wedding day and to take the time to soak in every single moment that you can because it flies by, they aren’t kidding. 1,795 more words

Muffin tutorial.

Let me introduce my daughter, Esme.  She would like to show you how to make a ham sandwich.  Her brother Tyler has some peanut-gallery commentary.


Do Our Lives Matter? 

By G. P. Avants

My brother Ron steered me into a whole new Sci-Fi universe when he told me about the show Dark Matter. Ron said I would find the stories interesting and the characters very relatable He wasn’t wrong. 489 more words

Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago I was begging a nurse for a cracker.  We had gone to the Dr, I was 2 days past my due date, and we were going to have dinner afterwards.  421 more words


The Ones I Don't Want to Write.

As previously mentioned, my friends are my family.  I am fortunate to have several LONG friendships, most of which have grown and changed over the years.  82 more words



Family, people related to each other usually by blood but not necessary. They are people that have helped shape you into the awkward, opinionated, light hearted (a paradox) “adult”. 713 more words