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World's Best Friends

How do you know when you have the World’s Best Friends? Well, it could be that the bring you dinner when you are sick, that they watch kids for you when you need a sitter, or that they let you call or text anytime day or night! 2,404 more words


pumpkin party

our little pumpkin turned one on a tuesday, two days before thanksgiving.  we celebrated with early-morning gifts, to which the sesame street wrapping paper was as thrilling as the contents. 505 more words


Just Passing Through..

Being a military wife (United States Air Force) is pretty awesome…most of the time. My family and I are blessed for my husband’s career field, because we don’t have to worry about him deploying. 418 more words

Everyday Life

Gratitude Heals

Life has been a whirlwind this past week. After a holiday weekend spent working on projects and playing games with a good friend, our lives were upturned when my fiance’s father was hospitalized Tuesday. 580 more words

Chronic Illness


It seems as if there is a season or period of time when people come out of the woodwork to invade my life and tell me what’s wrong with me.  493 more words

Health & Beauty

Under the flag

I’ve been troubled.

And because the stories in my brain and questions and wonderings have not sorted themselves out, I’ve stayed quiet. We don’t need another ill-informed knee-jerk half-stepping commentator bellowing into the tumult. 850 more words


Memories and Delights:

Yesterday evening I sat and wrote 20 things I miss about being in the UK and with friends/family etc (I will start with that post – already published on FB… 657 more words