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3 things to remember from grade school that make it easier to create content now

Mrs. Halverson taught my fourth grade class. I fell in love with writing that year. And I am pretty sure it was because of the way she made writing and story telling come alive. 591 more words

Framing What Works

"We have the capacity to turn our lives into a work of art. Why shouldn't we?"

In researching material for a project, I came across this wonderful video by Jason Silva about optimism.

It offers real inspiration about the influence we each have on our own path through life. 47 more words

Framing What Works

8 real-life examples where fewer words convey more meaning

A recent post of mine offered clear, simple and powerful words to substitute for jargon. Some of the comments and people who shared the post on Twitter and other social media sites questioned whether replacing jargon with shorter, more straightforward words would dilute meaning or even undercut the credibility of a company’s message. 753 more words

Framing What Works

How to kill the 15 worst examples of corporate jargon

The advice to avoid jargon in writing is age-old and common. But it’s also smart.

We send out press releases, blog posts or content aimed at audiences because we want people to actually read and grasp the information and act on it in some way. 282 more words

Framing What Works

Marketing tip: how to make a logo word cloud of brand messages

I’m always looking for fun new ways for clients to spread their messages through social media. It is powerful because it is direct, so easy to share and very cost effective. 509 more words

Framing What Works

12 Most Productive Things to Say at Work Instead of “No” | 12 Most

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12 Most weekly writer Becky Gaylord shares tips for Productive Things to Say at Work Instead of “No.”…

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Framing What Works