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Since Ronald Reagan, America has lived under a regime of conservative ideas that Democrats have sometimes been able to resist, but not to overcome or replace. 3,286 more words


Column - 'The A-Z of Africa'

George C Kimble stated that, ‘The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it’. This daunting statement alone has some hidden truth to it, waiting patiently as a knot to be unravelled to the outside world. 598 more words


Custom Gallery Framing Services

The Burning River Boutique offers full-service custom framing for your photos, paintings, drawings, posters, handbills, magazine covers, diplomas, maps, and keepsakes.

I am a photographer and I will treat your picture memories as if they were my own.   80 more words


I know you by your photograph...

photo posted by Zelda Weiss- aka Katarina


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my heart with yellow eyes – yoke

golden artist link!


Utility Poles

We try to avoid utility poles and wires when photographing landscapes, but sometimes, the motto is, “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em.” 11 more words


This time its final

This journal is packed with notes on the development processes applied towards submission of the final assessment task.

The premise from the Photo Essay studies is images in a story should… 200 more words

Serial Student Assignment

In the face of change 2

The choice to act in the face of change is one that many are not aware they have. Life changes all the time and how we opt to react to it is our choice. 897 more words