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Put Them Up

I’ve been experimenting with options for displaying photographic prints around the house.

For one-of-a-kind prints or those you want to keep around for a long time, archival mounting and framing are still the best options.  462 more words



It’s not as bad as it sounds. My owner brought me to the frame atelier a couple of days ago to pick up a client’s order and we noticed the guys framing this vintage and huge French print. 46 more words




YOU CANNOT BECOME A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER WITHOUT BEING YOUR OWN BEST EDITOR, no matter how brilliant or instinctual your shooter’s eye may be. 423 more words


All a Weeks Worth of Work!

Hello, Project VENTURA readers!  It is Shilah, updating you on the building happening in POE class!   As you may have heard from Briana we have finally started building the real parts of the greenhouse!  350 more words


Leak Check_solutions

There were a few problems I had of rain water infiltration into the house. But, I have solved them… with some pretty nifty innovations, if I may add! 235 more words


Indiegogo Campaign: The Innisfree Art Gallery

I have many, many dreams- some of them unachievable in this lifetime, though stranger things have happened. Sometimes I struggle with thinking about the smaller steps that can be done in the short term in order to make way to those larger dreams in the long term. 572 more words

Finished Works

A Quick Gift

A friend has taken an offer on a temporary 2-year project out of state. I found this motivational poster online, courtesy of Vanessa Morsse, and framed it for her as a small going-away gift:

Thanks for sharing, Vanessa!

DIY Action