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"OMG Are You Going To Coachella?!"

A phrase often said and heard by those who fit into the festival sterotype – and others of course!

So in our last lecture, we started watching all these festival ads and inspired vidoes, which made me think that it would be interesting to create a startpack that relates to the festival themes of 2018. 87 more words


Framing: Our perception

When we think of a story or an idea we generally have a cluster of existing ideas that guide how we processing information.

These ideas could originate from pictures, videos, written information and even sounds. 117 more words


Media Coverage of the Rape of Marawi

It’s been one year since the start of the Rape of Marawi, referred to by the Media as the Marawi “Siege” and later, the Battle of Marawi. 2,556 more words


Framing an online persona

To Frame involves key selection of items thatĀ appear of importance. As discussed by Entman, It’s the “select of some aspects of a perceived reality”. 221 more words


Hello World, This is Me... (at least that's what I want you to believe)

Barbara Speed, writing for the News Statesman, suggests that we all know that our online persona’s aren’t real, as well as others.

If that’s the case, if we all really do know that it’s all a facade, why do we even bother? 196 more words