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Kevin having a little fun during the last photo shoot.  As you can see the house is nearly dried in.  Rumor has it the doors and windows are in. 58 more words


Framing p6

Big delay recently, no work done all last week as framers had to finish the roof on another job; total of 8 working days lost. They returned to work last Wednesday and are currently standing the 2nd floor walls. 10 more words


Graf-Levac Earthship Visit number 2

Yes, only three weeks after the first visit, Bob and Marie had a second open house to show off their progress. Luckily for us, we were house sitting in Ottawa already so we didn’t have to make another major road trip for this one. 585 more words


The next generation of nudges

Nudge 2.0: A broader toolkit for lasting behavior change

Chances are that someone has nudged you today—even if you didn’t realize it. Maybe it was your doctor’s office, sending you a text message about an upcoming appointment. 65 more words

Behavioral Economics

Bad Juju

I know it’s 7 years bad luck when you break a mirror, but what’s the penalty for breaking a window?  Dammit.

So!  Change in plans.  After the shock and horror wore off (could have been minutes, could have been hours ~ time stopped. 467 more words

Tiny House


Most of my family lives in denton so this why i live close to it. We decided to move out of denton because we want a new place to live.