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Restoration of photographs

We commissioned local photographer, Sophie Warren, to restore a selection of donated photographs. These were blown up and printed so they can be permanently housed in the Foyer. 24 more words


Getting Exhibition Ready!

So today I have been photographing some of my artwork, playing around with lighting and cameras and then adjusting the resolution ready for publication.

I am also excited to announce that I will be exhibiting at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in November, so it’ll be a challenge with the Chester Arts Fair so soon after! 99 more words


Collecting the photographs from the framers 

I collected the photographs from the framers this afternoon ahead of hanging the imagery tomorrow for the exhibition, I photographed three of the five images which I am aiming to display to highlight the quality and that it is to a good standard and it’s really satisfying and empowering to view your photography in print, a physical encounter, rather than on a digital screen. 17 more words


The Photographical Error

I think of the photographical error as an optical version of the typographical error. A momentary slip of the eye much like a clumsy finger poke onto the keyboard of the computer. 660 more words


Framing and Cropping


Framing is the conscious decision by which the photographer selects what to include in the frame as seen through the view finder on the camera. 177 more words


Preparing the exhibition space

To ensure that the exhibition area was prepared equally and efficiently, we were designated an exhibition space which we were to prepare as if it was our own; this was an enjoyable challenge as we were in charge of sanding the walls, filling in any uneven surfaces and painting the walls. 160 more words


Framing needlework

The possibilities in framing are endless. You never really know what treasured item a customer will bring in to have transformed into a masterpiece—from a wedding dress… 377 more words

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