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Have You Detected Silverfish In Your Home?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects who enjoy dining on wallpaper, clothing, bookbindings, glue, carpet and hair. Silverfish are terrific hiders, so the scale of an infestation can go largely undetected for a long period of time. 46 more words

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Take Down Holiday Lights Safely

Accidents related to holiday decorations account for an estimated 12,500 victims each year. Your typical, household ladder isn’t stable enough for safe removal of holiday lights and decorations, especially in slippery conditions. 46 more words

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Premium Bird Control From Ransford

Birds a major problem in Massachusetts as they can get into your attic, clog roof drains, spread disease and wreak havoc on your home. Some species have droppings so acidic that they corrode metal and damage structures. 38 more words

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Protect Your Family From Mice This Winter

Deer mice are a big problems in Massachusetts, especially during winter months. They are accomplished jumpers, making it easier for them to gain access to crawl spaces in your home. 93 more words

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Make Sure Your College Student Doesn’t Bring Bedbugs Home

The holidays are approaching which means your college student will likely be returning home to spend some much needed time with you and your family. While you’ll be happy to welcome your son or daughter home from school, you won’t be too welcoming to a bed bug infestation. 50 more words

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