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The Book Was Better: Every French Man Has One by Olivia de Havilland

“In France it’s assumed that if you’re a woman you are sexy, and you don’t have to put a dress on to prove it, too.” – Film great, Olivia de Havilland… 519 more words

Reims, France: a Travel Dream Fulfilled

As a lover of wine and the finer things in life, my love for Champagne was unavoidable. Having just blown out the candles on my 24th birthday, I couldn’t think of a more fitting place to celebrate than in the region where luxury is bottled. 880 more words


Book Review: Hill


Giono, Jean

2016 English translation by Paul Eprile of 1929 French original

New York Review Books, 2016

Hill begins with a description of an isolated hamlet in the foothills of Mt. 333 more words

Book Review

Six Nations Evaluation

I must say, at the start of the tournament I had the Scot’s pegged to beat the Irish, no one believed me. It’s nice being proven right.


The Italian Alps

Took this photo while flying to Italy last year, the alps from the Italian airspace.


WPC: It IS Easy Being Green 2

I was thinking back to green insects and remembered the bush cricket who posed so well for photos. He had such an alien face!


Monday, March 26th 1917

Received orders to move forward. During day packing up and making preparations for move. Camp Commandant inspected camp at 6, said he was very satisfied with way our lines had been kept during our stay.  93 more words