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Quebec City

A two hour delayed flight was fine with me. I had gotten roughly four hours of sleep the night before so taking a long nap in the airport terminal sounded somewhat delightful.. 478 more words


Adventuring Paris

Paris is definitely a city to remember.

From meeting Mona Lisa to simply gazing at their impressive classic architecture.

But my most memorable moment of Paris will be getting good quality breads for free at restaurants. 8 more words


oeufs mayo

As much as French culture usually nails the appetizing part of life, these little guys I was wildly skeptical about. Compared to buttery croissants, oozy crepes and macaron, hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise seems possibly like the very last thing you would want to eat. 333 more words

Crotone 0-3 AC Milan

Crotone 0-3 AC Milan | Serie A 2018 | Football Match Highlight

Football Highlight

Chins up for the boys

In case you were inclined to think that the stereotypes of chain smoking, kinda stinky, skinny af humans is not true, I am here to tell you that there is only one thing you are leaving out.. 1,123 more words


Word of the Week: 'les haies' 

First of all, sorry for only just getting around to writing last week’s Word of the Week post! 🙈😳

To celebrate the World Athletics Championships (or, as the French press have called it, ‘Les Mondiaux de Londres’) held in London last week, our mot de la semaine is ‘les haies’. 203 more words


Falling in love with France

I am currently sitting on the beautiful green grass of Place des Vosges, the oldest city square in Paris. In the corner to my left, a Frenchman is playing the harp (at which I had a little moment, because a harp is a harp, and that is rather incredible), there are four fountains with water coming from the mouths of little lions, and the greenest grass filled with tourists and frenchies alike, enjoying this beautiful, sunny day in Paris. 1,146 more words