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French climate activists in sit-in protest denounce 'republic of polluters'

Hundreds of French activists on Friday staged a sit-in outside top energy companies in Paris, describing France as the “republic of polluters”, as part of a international civil disobedience campaign on climate change.

Vía The Local http://bit.ly/2Xtl2ta


The Notre Dame Fire Is Tearing France Apart

One day, while visiting the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Victor Hugo discovered a Greek word, blackened with age, carved into the wall: ANÁΓKH, or fate. 1,407 more words


A Bedroom Fit for a Queen

I’m sitting on my bed as I write this post, and I can’t help but look around and notice the stark contrast between my simple surroundings and those created for the French Queens and Empresses. 204 more words


Le temps des cathédrales

Here is this week’s song for a Saturday. Voici ma chanson pour un samedi.

The year was 1998. The musical ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ had just opened in Paris and this song was among the many taking France by storm. 117 more words


The Memorial of the Great war of Sainte Anne d'Auray!

Of course, this is not a tourist site but a travel site it must be for all concern with our freedoms and the effort that some heroes did for us and our future generations. 568 more words


The Book in Stone

The French Culture Ministry has already announced an international competition to reconstruct or replace Viollet-le-Duc’s spire and roof, which most people assume has been there since the Middle Ages. 7,413 more words


Vingt ans après la tuerie de Columbine, qu’est-ce qui a changé aux Etats-Unis ?

En 1999, la tuerie de Columbine, l’une des fusillades en milieu scolaire les plus meurtrières des Etats-Unis, faisait 15 morts et 24 blessés. Depuis, les méthodes d’intervention ont évolué, mais la législation sur le port d’armes s’est, elle, libéralisée.

source https://www.lemonde.fr/international/video/2019/04/20/vingt-ans-apres-la-tuerie-de-columbine-qu-est-ce-qui-a-change-aux-etats-unis_5452767_3210.html