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Bruno, Chief of Police

Dear Bruno,

Your life as a village policeman has me hooked. The descriptions of the colorful residents, the countryside and the details of life in a small French village sounds wonderful. 335 more words

Da Funk

…by Daft Punk (Paris, France)


Check out Daft Punk’s site here
And their Soundcloud here
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And their Twitter here


we will always have Paris

Hello, interwebular world. The past several weeks of my life have been some of the best and the worst and the craziest, honestly. I think this is the first time I’ve even had a second to sip a coffee and reflect. 3,139 more words

4th Battalion celebrate their one year milestone

The 17th of May was an important milestone for the 4th Battalion. It marked the one year anniversary since the Battalion left Newcastle on tyne in Northern England for the battle ravaged fields of France. 115 more words


Sykes-Picot: The secret deal that changed the Middle East forever


On May 16, 1916, a secret pact carved up the floundering Ottoman Empire into spheres of British and French interest, foreshadowing the future map of the Middle East and, critics say, sowing the seeds of many of its problems a hundred years later. 774 more words

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