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Dreamy walk through Provance

So, I rest here, with the time behind my back, pushing me toward my final hours, looking at child that grows the wings of speed telling me that I am too slow and that progress will eat me alive … and I struggle for breath in the fields of lavender … as I realize that I need to learn again to speak … as I realize that I need to learn again to read … and as I realize that I need to learn again to understand … for, what is a life if you can not understand it in colors of Lavander, the freshness of Verdon and tunes of the accordion? 304 more words




Canola crops… 

all sport a verdant green undergrowth.

One of the shrubs in our garden.

On a more sombre note, on the far side of this field, … 164 more words


Musee d'Orsay - Where Art Thrives

An old abandoned heritage railway station turned into a museum!

What an idyllic thought when you live in a city where heritage buildings are being torn down mercilessly every day. 239 more words


Explorations in Occitanie

The French region of Occitanie sits sandwiched between two much more well-known regions. On one side, the mountainous landscape of Provence rises from the Riviera up to the Alps. 1,874 more words


Lyon At Last

Just so I don’t bury the lede: I’ve arrived in Lyon despite the world’s best efforts to keep me away. As if I hadn’t been dreading my long trip to France as it was, something just had to go wrong. 605 more words


Paris Getaway with Utopian Hotels

You and me and sweet Paris. We could start in the enticing patisseries & boulangeries (bakeries), dancing through the city’s vibrant art streets, browsing classical bistros and designer boutiques, lounging around beautiful parks and gardens, looking good on the top of the Eiffel tower. 1,506 more words


#4- Language for a Beginner

Like many skillsets one acquires in life, language opens up your mind and allows you to think in multiple ways. Sadly, unlike most of the class, I am not fluent in another language. 268 more words