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From Seaside Biarritz to Art-Infused Bilbao

French Pyrenees & Spain’s Rioja Region Walking & Hiking Tour

On a map you’ll see the line. One side France. The other, Spain. There it is—definitive, exact. 361 more words


24/5/1915 The Allies warn Turkey over massacres of Armenians

Disturbing reports have emerged from the Ottoman Empire of massacres of Armenians being perpetrated in various localities by Kurds and Turks, apparently with the support of local officials. 147 more words


A lack of timetabled classes + cheap flights = the perfect recipe for developing my 'international and cultural awareness' (i.e fun).

It’s been a long while since I last wrote, for which I can blame procrastination and the fact that I’d much rather be outside where it’s almost impossible to see my computer screen through all the sun glare. 1,313 more words

MIPEX in Switzerland: Some Clarifications

The Sonntags Zeitung was kind enough to comment on the recent release of MIPEX data in Switzerland. Unfortunately they seem more interested in the ranking than the details. 217 more words

Didier Ruedin

Monaco diary

A few months ago when I went to South of France, I went to visit Monaco as well.Last time I’ve been there was a very long time ago,however since it remained my favourite place.And in all honesty it has all the ingredients to make me love it!


Where Would YOU Like To Travel?

Dear Awesome Reader,

Did you know that people from 52 different countries have visited my blog? I find that so incredible!

Anyway, previously I have mentioned that I would love to do some travelling when I’m a bit older and so I thought that I would share some of the countries that I would like to visit! 102 more words


Sunday Suggestion - La Femme - Sur La Planche

French Psyche- Punk group, La Femme from Biarritz are quite simply an excellent, dynamic group who try their hands at Surf Rock, Ye Ye, Coldwave as well as elements from other areas. 103 more words