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View inside Gare de Lyon

Taken while in Hall 1 of Gare de Lyon, you can see a band performing as well as Le Train Bleu above, an historical gourmet restaurant. 16 more words


Beautiful Snapshots of Mental Illness

Physical health and mental health have never been regarded equally. The mentally ill are often viewed as crazy or frightening. Although a person with cancer would never be told to “just try harder,” illnesses such as depression are often judged as something a person has control over. 230 more words

Dreams of ParisĀ 

I dreamed a dream that all my other dreams are jealous of. I dreamed a dream that made me smile when I was asleep. I dreamed that we were in Paris, and that we were dancing. 107 more words


Visiting Claude Monet's Famous Garden

Mengunjungi rumah seniman merupakan perjalanan wisata yang menyenangkan dan menginspirasi. Rumah tinggal seniman biasanya menyatu dengan studio atau galeri seni. Artistektur dan penataan ruangnya unik, mencerminkan karakter sang maestro. 310 more words


Gare de Lyon clock tower

The clock tower at Gare de Lyon is 64 metres tall, the ornate details sometimes being missed by the travellers who pass through the train station. 14 more words


Blaming the victim is never cool...

Blaming the victim is an act of cowardice. Those who truly believe a cartoonist is to blame for the actions of a murderer is out of touch with reality. 18 more words