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Porto - Day 3

It rains often in Porto in the winter and today was sunny so I took advantage and spent the day writing and people watching. Find a café, order a beverage and commence watching. 108 more words


The Francesinha of Porto

Sunshine in Portugal this week. The flight out packed; each human desperate to maximise their space in the overhead locker to avoid a 5 minute wait for luggage on arrival. 899 more words


Day 29: List 10 people, living or dead, you would invite to dinner. Include the dinner menu.

I only realized now that my post instead of being published was a draft.

Hello, wonderful readers!

Here is the list of 10 people I would invite to dinner (dreaming too much): 85 more words


Porto: The City of Burgers and ... Cold Chips?

Today marks my first day in Portugal. So why not spend it in the patriotic sounding city of Porto. My flight from Madrid arrived mid-morning, which left me a lot of the day to get out and see Porto. 476 more words


Port Wine Tasting

After that sardines lunch, we were ready for the second part of our Porto day!

We walked with an Australian couple who had taken the tour to the meeting place for the 3:00 winery tour about port wine production that was to include lots of tasting. 545 more words



Desenganem-se aqueles que acharam que deixei de saber escrever. Se brunch significa breakfast+lunch então o que se chama a um almoço+lanche? Como não encontrei nenhuma palavra (talvez porque as tias da foz ainda nao tenham optado por esta modalidade de refeição), decidi inventar eu uma: almanche! 217 more words


A Portuguese Feast

It’s time to drive north through Portugal’s mountainous interior in search of meat and liquor. Melt-in-your-mouth “piglet cooked in wood oven” starts things off perfectly in the town of Monchique. 362 more words

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