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Toshiro vs Gerard! Visoreds Return - Bleach 658

Bleach 658 gets epic after the appearance of the Visored! As Gerard tries to knock everything down and destroy everything, he finds himself some of the Vizards, all when Toshiro appears, he will be fighting Gerard next. 509 more words


Chimera by Birrificio Del Ducato of Italy

Rating: 4.85/5

Chimera by Birrificio Del Ducato of Italy is an 8% ABV Belgian Dark Strong Ale.

This is a top fermented beer which undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle.
604 more words

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The Crazy Tres Bestias

The Tres Bestias have all proven themselves that they are amazingly powerful Arrancar’s, they’ve even fought against Yamamoto and lasted some time before being defeated by his Fire.  189 more words

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Tres Bestia's Defeated - Soul Society Ready for War - Bleach 488

Bleach 488 is one of the better chapters. We see that the Tres Bestia start to kick some serious Quincy ass, but then are badly defeated by Kirge Opie. 616 more words


Ichigo Infiltrates Hueco Mundo - Arrancar's Fight Back - Bleach 487

Ichigo and friends finally arrive at Hueco Mundo to help Nel and the other Arrancar’s. The story between the soldiers from The Empire have taken over every possible area within Hueco Mundo and made it their own. 742 more words