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126. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, January 4th, 3:00pm
Drommen and Francine

Francine: Why are you so pissed off at me?

Drommen: (stares at her silently for a moment) I’m picking you up from the hospital and you’re insisting on going back to that hovel you live in. 79 more words


Your Cat's Christmas List

Here is a definitive list of everything your cat wants you to get them this holiday season:

1. Time for Joy I Love Gefilte Cat Toys, 3 Pack… 29 more words


95. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, December 4th, 5:00pm
Drommen and Francine

Drommen: You know you can just quit your job.

Francine: And what, have you look after me?

Drommen: 95 more words


Fun fact: A group of cats is called a clowder


To Open or Not To Open?

LOL, I was struggling with deciding on opening up the mint in package doll, I got recently from my post here.

Yup, I caved and opened her up… 172 more words


Télécharger E-books Francine + Mitchell + Alejandro: Jamais deux sans trois, T2

L’Amour avec un grand A… à trois !Francine est folle de Mitchell, un loup comme elle, depuis le jardin d’enfants. Mais Mitchell ne l’a jamais considérée autrement que comme la meilleure amie de sa sœur. 120 more words