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Bacon to Doig: Modern Masterpieces from a Private Collection

Private art collections can sometimes appear artistically polarising and disjointed. An art collector’s personal taste is not always uniform and cohesive, so when private art collections hang on the walls of carefully curated museums they can appear somewhat out of place. 711 more words

The Arts

'Travel Broadens the Mind'....Does it?

Francis Bacon, the eminent Renaissance intellectual, once wrote that “He that travelleth into a country… goeth to school”; in other words, that travel ‘broadens the mind’, as it is often put. 1,207 more words


Study for a portrait of Francis Bacon IV as a character in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Study for a portrait of Francis Bacon IV as a character in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, oil on cotton canvas, 36 x 36″, March 2017 12 more words

The New Atlantis #1: The Wall of Wind

Francis Bacon’s famous utopia/spec-fi, The New Atlantis (1624), imagines a future/parallel world that has “great and spacious houses where we imitate and demonstrate meteors”. Google Scholar Alerts just alerted me to the new “Wall of Wind” at Florida International University, a very Baconian fantasy indeed. 71 more words


Artists and their Studios

Genius fascinates me, as I am sure it does many others. By its nature it is hard to understand, but I think seeing artist’s creative space gives a clue to their genius; how the artist sees, thinks, what influences them, etc. 70 more words