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Stay Gold Ponyboy

Francis Ford Coppola’s beautiful drama is one of the lesser known films of the 80s but by no means is it not a classic.

The film, based on S.E Hinton’s… 270 more words


David Lynch almost directed Return of the Jedi, and others things we learned from George Lucas: A Life

George Lucas: A Life
By Brian Jay Jones
Little, Brown and Company
560 pp; $42

The creator of Star Wars needs no introduction, especially since we’ll be reintroduced to the franchise every year until a time far, far away. 648 more words


A Grumble From The Jungle

All stories are old. The only thing new is you. – Alvin Ailey

Werner Herzog chose Klaus Kinski to play his mad conquistidor, who descends from the Andes to journey down the Amazon River in… 121 more words

Revenge of the Sequel

Why is it that almost every time a new and groundbreaking film comes along that takes our breath away, it only takes a few months to pass and a sequel is produced? 1,297 more words


Saturday Afternoon Fever - Patton (1970)

Though it’s a rare occurrence, there have been some good pro-war films in years past. For example, though everyone remembers the Bogie/Bergmann romance, Casablanca was an important piece of anti-isolationist propaganda to help spur the war efforts back home. 692 more words


Italian Americans: The History and Culture of a People

I contributed entries on Francis Ford Coppola and Italian American film directors to Eric Martone’s book about the ways in which Italian immigrants and their descendants have influenced American culture. Click here for details.