Superman: American Alien #5

Written by Max Landis
Drawn by Francis Manapul
Published by DC Comics


With this issue, we jump ahead 6 months, Clark and Lois are interns at the Daily Planet together, and Clark has been going out in a makeshift costume, which includes the cape he took from Batman, and going out to help people and stop crime. 338 more words


Superman: American Alien #5

Written by Max Landis

Art by Francis Manapul

Clark Kent is trying to find his sense of purpose in life. He knows he’s not like everyone else, though he wishes he was, so how does he use his abilities to help others? 590 more words


Superman: American Alien 5

Today, Patrick and Taylor are discussing Superman: American Alien 5, originally released March 16, 2016.

Patrick: You don’t really think of Superman having a learning curve of any kind. 1,635 more words

Alternating Current

Review: Superman: American Alien #5

Now regularly patrolling the skies of Metropolis as an anonymous figure known to some as “the flying man,” 24 year old Clark Kent has become a local celebrity. 373 more words


Best of 2015: Best Covers

You know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t judge the cover on its own merit. Some covers are so excellent that they pack all the drama, excitement and emotion of the whole issue into one succinct image. 1,388 more words

Francis Manapul

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Justice League #46

The grand superhero epic is alive and well in Johns’ Justice League #46, and the wait for this issue was certainly worth it. 766 more words

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