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For such a time as this ... the dry ones can live ...

“Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).

Rev George Philip preached a series of sermons on 1 Samuel 1-7, with the title, “For such a time as this.” 733 more words


Christianity and the Arts

This fall I will be teaching a Seminary course on Christianity and the Arts in which we will determine how a Christian view of beauty and truth meets form and content within the arts. 596 more words


A Black-And-White Proposal: Farewell To Fuzzy Thinking

Donald Miller raises the banner for “fuzzy thinking” in a recent blog post entitled, “The Problem with Black-and-White Thinking” (re-posted on relevantmagazine.com). His main thought: “Black-and-white, either-or thinking polarizes people and stunts progressive thought.” Additionally, he holds that this kind of thinking stunts our “ability to find truth.” 3,971 more words

Francis Schaeffer

“Music Monday” THE BEATLES (Breaking down the song "Penny Lane"Part B) Featured artist is Clive Barker

In the book THE GOD WHO IS THERE, Francis Schaeffer noted:

In this flow there was also the period of psychedelic rock, an attempt to find this experience without drugs, by the use of a certain type of music. 9,692 more words

Francis Schaeffer

“Music Monday” THE BEATLES (Breaking down the song "Penny Lane"Part A) Featured artist is Marty Balin

Francis Schaeffer noted concerning the Beatles:

The Beatles moved through several stages, including the concept of the drug and psychedelic approach. The psychedelic began with their records REVOLVER… 9,033 more words

Francis Schaeffer

Freedom Matters - Part 3

Are we living in Fear or Freedom?  What seems to be governing our lives today and keeping us from enjoying the freedoms we once took for granted?  965 more words