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Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy by Henry Montague Grover (1826)

Anne Boleyn: A Tragedy was published in the same year as Henry Hart Milman’s Anne Boleyn: A Dramatic Poem and in fact was reviewed in tandem with it in at least one publication. 7,804 more words

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George Boleyn's Farewell

On the 17th of May 1536, George Boleyn and the other four men accused of adultery with the former Queen, Anne Boleyn, were beheaded. George Boleyn, Mark Smeaton, Henry Norris, Sir William Brereton, and Sir Francis Weston were brought together to Tower Hill, to be executed. 1,217 more words


Sutton Place by Dinah Lampitt (1983)

This is a giant, tangled mess of royal curses, colliding time periods, Romany crystal-gazers, witchcraft imaginary illegitimate children, unwitting ghosts and, of course, a Haunted Manor. 4,425 more words

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May 17th, 1536. In tribute to George Boleyn, Henry Norris, Mark Smeaton, William Brereton, and Francis Weston: Two Poems by Sir Thomas Wyatt

It is often assumed, on the basis of various allusions in his love poetry, anecdotes relayed by his grandson George, and later fictional accounts, that the poet Thomas Wyatt had been in love with Anne at one time, and that his famous poetic lament over the terrible “sight” he had seen from the Bell Tower expressed his heartbreak over Anne’s execution. 968 more words

Anne Boleyn

Francis Weston: Twenty Or Thirty Years In Abomination

Before Sir Francis Weston died alongside four others on May 17 1536, he gave the customary parting speech, traditionally intended for the admission that he deserved death and for the edification of the assembled audience. 1,642 more words

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May 17th, 1536: In tribute to George Boleyn, Henry Norris, Mark Smeaton, William Brereton, and Francis Weston

Who list his wealth and ease retain,

Himself let him unknown contain.

Press not too fast in at that gate

Where the return stands by disdain, 137 more words


May 12, 1536: The Trial of Mark Smeaton, Henry Norris, Francis Weston and William Brereton

By: Natalie Sweet

Events moved rapidly in the week before May 19th. Arthur Plantagenet, Lord Lisle, heard from his agent, John Hussee that,

“Today Mr. Norrys, Weston, Bryerton, and Markes have been arraigned, and are judged to be drawn, hanged, and quartered. 451 more words

Anne Boleyn