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The CouchSurfing Community

I know I haven’t gotten caught up yet…I’ve been a lazy blogger … there’s a whole slew of things to tell you about (including my awesome USA trip with the BF!). 632 more words


Travel Accessories I Love

I think I have neglected the initial purpose of this blog for a while. I realize that now that I am actually in France it has become a bit of a diary – sharing tales of my French adventures. 412 more words


Victory is mine! Or at least I thought it was.

So. I had a fantastically wonderful rested weekend. I tried to remember what I did. I think it mostly involved sleeping and eating. Nothing wrong with that, right? 668 more words


100+ Followers! And TheLazyTravelers!

Hello my faithful readers! It’s hard to know sometimes who will read this and honestly I blog for me these days which means some posts aren’t as fun for the public as others. 73 more words


A picturey post

A quick-like update with pictures that chronicle the past few weeks of life in France !

Up in the Bastille of Grenoble

Trying not super successfully to take a “selfie”. 180 more words


Expect the completely unexpected - Part 2 !!

Hi there blog followers. Remember 1 year ago when I came on here ecstatic because I just found out I was the lucky, fortunate, blessed recipient of an… 544 more words


SB2013 - Aix-en-Provence + the rest

I will soon be traveling to Brussels, Belgium for an action packed long weekend…thanks to France having so much vacation time! So I figured I should finish up my previous trips before I forget !! 561 more words