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The Country Doctor (2016)

To urban eyes, the rural doctor stereotype is a walking museum of what village medicine used to look like in bygone days. French filmmakers excel in portraying this endangered species and they have done so yet again in the delightful character-rich film… 479 more words


The Country Doctor (Irreplaceable, France 2016)

The Country Doctor is another of those solid dramas about social issues that are rarely discussed in mainstream anglophone cinema. In French cinema such a drama can attract a major star and, thanks to regional funding, can be shot in a specific rural setting. 440 more words

French Cinema

French drama - MÉDECIN DE CAMPAGNE /IRREPLACEABLE - released in dvd

Irreplaceable country doctor Jean-Pierre Werner (François Cluzet) becomes ill and a young doctor, Natalie, comes from the city to help him. 39 more words

French Cinema

The Country Doctor

Doctor turned Director Thomas Lilti can at least claim to know his material.  Topically similar to his last directorial outing (Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor), The Country Doctor is a gently observational piece that takes a slice of rural French life and lets a discordant zephyr blow through its fields. 342 more words


A film by Thomas Kruithof

Cast: François Cluzet, Denis Podalydès, Sami Bouajila

English title: The Eavesdropper

Contacted by a mysterious employer to transcribe phone surveillance , Duval ( François Cluzet)  accepts without questioning the purpose of this organization. 380 more words

French Film

Is French movie alive?

The great Alain Delon in interview to the Russian broadcaster Vladimir Pozner said: the French movie died! The greatest actor was wrong! Just watch that movie The Untouchables! And what do you think?

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Emmanuel Carrère - L’Avversario

La sera del 9 gennaio 1993 Jean-Claude Romand, un uomo stempiato e pacioso, miope, stimato medico che lavora a Ginevra, uccide brutalmente la moglie con un mattarello e stermina nel sonno i due figli di 5 e 7 anni. 958 more words