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Joe Claussell: Spitirual Life & Sacred Rhythm(s) (Q&A)

DJ, producer and label manager, Joe Claussell considers his art the way other come into religion. Out of his countless hours of meditation comes a music of instinct where the feeling surpasses the method. 1,399 more words


Fran├žois K - Awakening (Yellow Productions)

From his (Disco) mixes for Prelude Records which he got awarded for by his pairs back then to his countless experiments in House Music and Dub, … 76 more words


Manchester's Riotous Yuletide Knees Up

I suspect everyone’s celebrated Baby Christ’s birthday with befitting verve, merriment and customary excess (and rightly so). However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there’s only so much ‘Carols from Kings’, one hour soap specials and costume dramas one can stomach in a 24 hour period. 123 more words


Body & Soul @ Southport Weekender!

More than 12 years have gone since the last edition of the weekly Body & Soul party in New York, but the souvenir (and its notoriety) are more than alive, judging by its success, each time its activists – … 1,300 more words


Guy Cuevas - Obsession (Nassau Mix) (Island)

Disco would be American, it would be Italian and also French, with Paris embedding some of the most appealing venues in the world back then, beginning with Le Palace where so many would come from… 151 more words