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Jungle Girl 2 – Frank Cho

Clearly what you need in a tale about a girl living in a Jungle is a space shuttle and a submarine. That will help the characterising wont it. 253 more words

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Jungle Girl – Frank Cho

So are you a chauvinist or is your inner feminist telling you to read this ironically. Any title in the “Jungle Girl” or “Cave Girl” genre is a precarious balance of female empowerment and titillation. 447 more words

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Shanna the She Devil Volume One – Frank Cho

Boobs! That’s what you are thinking. But before your inner feminist compels you to burn this book before reading, you should read it. Despite being a mostly naked woman in the company of a troop of all male soldiers in the dinosaur infested land that time forgot it isn’t an exploitative T&A fest. 359 more words

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Ask Morgana 178: Frank Cho

If you have ever wondered how to master the art of modern cheesecake comic art, then ask Frank Cho, the Korean-American artist. He is actually one of the most superb comic draughtsmen of the age, in fact, when it comes to eroticake, he wrote the manual (see below). 136 more words


Interview with Artist Frank Cho - San Diego Comic Con 2015

Face it, Tiger! You’ve hit the jackpot! It’s the Frank Cho interview podcast!

For nearly 20 years, Frank has been a mainstay at the San Diego Comic Con, and in the comic strip & comic book industry. 304 more words


Preview: Jungle Girl: Season Three #4

Jungle Girl: Season Three #4

Frank Cho, Doug Murray (w)
Jack Jadson (a)
Frank Cho (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99


Where Monsters Dwell 60 Second Review Episode 022

This week we look at Where Monsters Dwell by Garth Ennis (W), Russ Braun (A), and Dono Sanchez Almara (C) and published by Marvel Comics.