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Grumpy Bird Reviews: Totally Awesome Hulk #01

Still trying to get back into the swing of reading the newly released comics. That this comic is only two months old makes it one of my more recent reads. 614 more words


Discipling Deinonychus

Jungle babes in bikinis fighting raptors is a classic artistic theme, so of course I had to take my shot at it sooner or later. 66 more words


And it's a ha ha ha hard

Over night I thought I might try an experiment to prove or disprove something I have been heard to say more than once – that I can write anything about anything without the first bit of prompting.   317 more words


Preview: Jungle Girl Season 3 Trade Paperback

Jungle Girl Season 3 Trade Paperback

writer: Frank Cho, Doug Murray
artist: Jack Jadson
cover: Frank Cho
FC • 112 pages • $15.99 • Teen+ 167 more words


Totally Awesome Hulk #1


Capsule Review

Fun! I was skeptical of replacing Bruce Banner with nineteen-year-old super-genius Amadeus Cho, but writer Greg Pak makes it work, using highly visual and fast-paced action to tell us how this Hulk differs from the old — mostly, this Hulk is super-smart, and he really, really digs being the Hulk! 283 more words

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The Happy Hour Review: Totally Awesome Hulk

When I was a kid, I had to dig real deep for a comic book with an Asian face in it. There were no superheroes in my image from the big publishers, Marvel and DC. 645 more words

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Totally Awesome Hulk... the Review?

So, last time I discussed this series I was pretty content to not buy it.  Reviews began to surface – each and everyone of them positive – making me question on whether or not I should reconsider.   450 more words

Green Hulk