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Voyager 40th anniversary

Nearly 40 years ago, on 20 August 1977, the Voyager 2 space probe was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a mission to study the Solar System’s four outermost planets. 1,493 more words


Strange Signals from 234 Stars

In 2016 Ermanno Borra and Eric Trottier, astronomers from the Laval University in Canada, announced that they had found 234 extra-terrestrial civilizations and that they might be “beaming” a coordinated light signal towards earth.   641 more words


Frank Drake

Thought Process:
So I honestly believe basic cards still have their place in the game. A simple 2 recruit works for Frank without duplicating Hannibal King… 100 more words

Expansion: Rise Of The Midnight Sons

Life in our galaxy?

With the recent discovery of three planets orbiting the red dwarf star Trappist-1 which have a similar size, mass and average surface temperature as the Earth, there has been considerable speculation as to whether one or more of these planets supports life. 1,464 more words


We are alone in the universe

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), now a privately funded company, is pointing its antennas to the sky for half a century, but so far the only excited moment (on Aug. 667 more words


Drake Equation and Astrobiology

The Drake equation is one of those rare mathematical beasts that has leaked into the public consciousness. It estimates the number of extraterrestrial civilisations that we might be able to detect today or in the near future.  169 more words