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Why a Mysterious Star Does Not Mean Life in Space (But Other Things Do)

You know what’s a lot less interesting than telling people there’s an advanced alien civilization 1,480 light years from Earth that has built a cluster of massive satellites orbiting their parent star? 1,353 more words

Trei mesaje extraterestre / Stiinta Astronomie

Semnalele electromagnetice emise de televiziunile terestre au tot părăsit sistemul solar în ultimele decenii furnizînd o carte de vizită, dar și o invitație tuturor celor care ascultă (trag cu urechea la nivel galactic) să vină încoace. 83 more words


Alien Hunters in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence -...

Alien Hunters in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – Space Pod 08/10/15

This week Ariel Waldman introduces us to a handful of the awesome humans behind SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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Is There Anyone Out There? updated post

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my books. One recent commenter pointed out that the links in the post point to the Amazon UK… 515 more words

Extraterrestrial Life

Is There Anyone Out There ? e-book from the The Science Geek

I have written a short e-book on the likelihood of there being extraterrestrial intelligent life and how humans have tried to find that life and make contact with it.   67 more words

Extraterrestrial Life

Life in the Universe: Part 2. The Evolution of Complex Life

The Evolution of Complex Life

Microorganisms, or single celled life forms, are hypothesized to be ubiquitous throughout the galaxy. Our own solar system has perhaps six planets and moons which may harbor living organisms. 982 more words