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Beyond Skyline

All the way back in 2010 a movie called Skyline came out. It was an alien invasion movie which I felt had a lot of potential but it really didn’t live up to the potential it had. 272 more words


"Don't be afraid." - A review of The Grey by Josh Hains

You’re watching the opening titles click along, Open Road, Scott Free, the works all rolling through their frames in eerie silence. You think for a fraction of a second that maybe something bad will happen, maybe one of those wolves you’ve seen advertised will erupt into the frame and tear someone’s throat out and perhaps scare the hell out of you. 895 more words

Film Review

The American Remake of 'The Raid' To Star Frank Grillo & Be Directed By Joe Carnaghanan

The American remake of the Indonesian martial arts masterpieces that areĀ The RaidĀ movies is getting colonized by American studios, oh, I meant remade for American audiences. 227 more words


The Raid is being "reimagined" by director Joe Carnahan, starring Frank Grillo

Taking on a cult classic in the martial arts genre is no easy task, but that’s exactly what director Joe Carnahan and actor Frank Grillo… 420 more words


Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo Partner With XYZ Films on 'Raid' Reimagining

Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo’s WarParty production banner and XYZ Films have announced that they will partner on the reimagining of the hit Indonesian action film “The Raid,” which Carnahan will direct and write, and Grillo will star in. 335 more words


'The Raid' Redux: Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo To Reimagine Martial Arts Pic

Joe Carnahan has come aboard to write and direct and Frank Grillo has been set to star in The Raid, a new take on the martial arts film franchise launched by Gareth Evans in 2012. 317 more words

Breaking News

"Raid" Remake Update: Carnahan to Direct, War Party and Evans to Produce

It now looks like the long awaited remake of The Raid is finally moving full steam ahead.

After a previous announcement, it now looks like War Party, the company formed by… 174 more words

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