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Tuesday's Tragic moment in comics - Daredevil #181 - The Death of Elektra

There is probably no other comic book character outside of Batman or Spider-Man that is the kiss of death for any woman who loves him; than Matt Murdock the Daredevil. 329 more words

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"Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She's just warming up"

More portrait practice of the Sin City girls – Nancy Callahan. 7″ x 5″, fineliners.


"Always and never" - Gail, Sin City

Dwight’s Warrior Woman – Gail. My favourite female character in Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ series! 4″x 6″, inked using 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 and 0.05mm fineliners. Red added in Photoshop.


Now streaming--New comic book documentary looks at the medium and its fans

We’ve seen plenty of recent efforts trying to get to the heart of what comic books and their fans are all about, including documentaries reviewed here at… 267 more words

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New Episode: Series 11, Episode 1: Alan Moore vs Frank Miller

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 1: Moore vs Miller

Welcome to Series 11 of Dissecting Worlds, where we attempt to Compare and Contrast pairs of Legendary Creators! 111 more words


The Dark Knight III: The Master Race 5 (August 2016)

As the millennials like to say, I just can’t. Go on reading The Master Race any longer, that is. Maybe Miller and Azzarrello have something amazing planned for the conclusion, but anyone following this series bimonthly instead of waiting for the trade is throwing their money away. 365 more words


A whole lot of Swords and Sandals in 300

Oh, so you want swords huh? And sandals too? Fine…I’ll give them to you. You know what? I’ll give you 300 of them! Yes, 300 swords accompanying 300 pairs of sandals. 581 more words