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(Y-10) time to read

This weekend I’m going to indulge with some heavy reading and gardening.

I have been quite busy these past few weeks, and finally, there is some time to catch my breath and relax. 236 more words

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Robocop vs Terminator : The Ultimate Crossover

Right now we are awash with dream crossovers, we have Thundercats teaming up with He Man and The Ghostbusters aiding the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In 1992, there was one crossover which began these imaginings.  499 more words

Charges stayed against Windsor man accused of hacking woman's Facebook account

Bail conditions that included prohibitions on internet access and cellphone use have been lifted against a Windsor man who was originally accused of hacking a woman’s Facebook account. 325 more words

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Some Guys From Spart

“The best are those who are raised in the severest school.” To the best of my knowledge, my grandmother never read Thucydides (whence that quote comes; Archidamus at 1.84), or Herodotus, or Plutarch’s life of Lycurgus, or any of the other ancient accounts of Sparta and its values, but she didn’t have to; she could draw on a substantial popular tradition of images of Spartan life and attitudes, including her favourite admonitory story of the Spartan boy and the fox. 1,985 more words


Daredevil: Born Again Review: A Visceral Look Into The Mind Of The Man Without Fear

Daredevil is one of the most relatable heroes in comics because of his background and believable powers. There have been a number of memorable stories about The Man Without Fear, though perhaps the greatest is… 804 more words


The Weird and the Wonderful: Some Alternative Picks for the Fantastic Four Relaunch

So we were talking about the upcoming Fantastic Four relaunch down at my local funnybook store recently. Which, yeah, if you haven’t heard… They’re relaunching Fantastic Four this summer, in a new series by Dan Slott and Sarah Pichelli. 3,026 more words