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14/03/2018- Existential Baguettes

Dear Friend,

When I get existential, I look at condoms. There’s no particular reason, I guess.

Pretty colours. There’s so many types!

Slim fit, real-feel, extra-safe, mutual climax (yeah, right), thin-feel, intense, extra-thin, pleasure me, extended pleasure (for the love of god, why?), extra sensitive lubricated, orgasmic, classic jeans (I swear to fuck I’m not making these up), latex free, performa, the list goes on. 522 more words



I sit in bed beside you, shearing,
Heating pad set to medium;
You say I couldn’t handle more.

You’re looking for work.
I’m reading about poets in… 151 more words


Saint Elsewhere

This past Friday, while walking through Cobble Hill, I watched kids in twos and fours and ones and sixes fizzing over with weekend, with bodega soda, with croissants and single baca di dama from the new espresso place whose vapors their mothers like to inhale appreciatively, decisively, … 823 more words


Having Eggs with You (after O’Hara)

by Bridie Wilkinson

is promised by the light
currently cracking the winter frost on your window that we are trying to ignore
and although morning has arrived in your room to nudge us awake your orange jumper is smothering the phone alarms because we are happy here, now… 284 more words


Lunchtime Poems - Part 1

I once learnt about Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poemsa collection of poems that were written spontaneously and briefly, during his lunch hours. I thought I would try something similar myself. 195 more words


Frank O'Hara as an Influence on Greta Gerwig and "Lady Bird"


Although it’s not a surprise anymore, Frank O’Hara continues to pop up in unexpected corners of popular culture, often cited as an influence and lodestar for… 237 more words

Frank O'Hara

The Day No One Paid Attention

In class the other day we looked at the poet Frank O’Hara and in particular his poem The Day Lady Died. You can read O’Hara’s poem… 267 more words

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