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The Authority v1

Next up we have The Authority v1 by Warren Ellis, Brian Hitch, Mark Millar, and Frank Quietly. This is probably my favorite superhero team book EVER but it contains nudity, sexual themes, violence, gore, language, and just about everything else you can think of. 2,095 more words


Action Comics #41

Action Comics #41 promised to shake things up, and it did, kind of. The last time I read a Superman title was Superman #32. I wanted to see what artist John Romita Jr. 463 more words

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Review: Batman Earth One vol 2

Geoff Johns and Frank Quietly do a great job of continuing to build a new rookie Batman. While this installment lacks some of the nuance that the original brought, it is well worth the wait and price. 122 more words

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Batman and Robin volume 1

Hey, remember that time a few years ago now where Darkseid shot his omega beams and hit Batman and he died? Well. That happened, but Batman didn’t die, he just got sent back through time and made his way back over the course of about year. 370 more words


A Quote from Frank Quietly

“Rossi Giffords’ degree show comic is¬†meticulously planned and beautiful executed, full of playful tricks, and rich in texture and detail. Very impressive.”

Frank Quitely… 65 more words

"Batman and Robin", Part 1: Batman Reborn (Batman and Robin #1 - 3)

Oh, man, this part of the run is going to be bloody amazing. The bright cover of the first trade paperback should have given it away, but it looks like these adventures are going to be over the top crazy, and a lot of fun. 1,602 more words

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