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Music is just swell. And I’m not going to lie, I kind of don’t trust folk who don’t like music. And there is some music that can make the blood course through your veins, psyche you up, help you kick your anxiety in the nuts (it’s rather satisfying). 140 more words

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that time i bought an album...

I cannot remember the last time I bought an album. But when the cigarette lighter in my car broke, the power source to my high tech device allowing me to play all of my offline Spotify playlists came to an end. 572 more words



So as the dust finally begins to settle on Deer Park in Mitchelstown after another successful Indiependence festival, the time has come to reflect on some of the acts that made the weekend so memorable. 534 more words


English folk singer Frank Turner talks about his music upsetting left wing Americans

If that seems an unusual thing to say for an artist who shot to prominence with the anthem ‘Thatcher F***ed the Kids, it was and still is — but there are signs the Englishman has mellowed.Having shied away from political music in favour of ‘matters of the heart’ on his most recent records, his latest single Sand in the Gears jumps headfirst into that territory.Inevitably inspired by the political instability across much of the western world the past year, the released version of the track was recorded in ideal circumstances.Without planning, Turner and his band found themselves in Washington the night before Donald Trump’s inauguration – the perfect backdrop for an anthem that tears equal strips off the reactionary right and radical left.Turner told Something for the Weekend: “We spent most of the last year in the US, in particular over the summer when the presidential campaigns were in full swing.“I was toying with the song over Christmas and then in January we landed back in the States a couple of days before the inauguration [ . 14 more words

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The Soundboard Stereo - July 2017

We’re deep into the summer lull now as far as new music is concerned, and honestly, that downbeat tone seems to have driven much of July. 1,358 more words

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Blink...and we missed it.

Last week I got stood up by three guys in one day. No..it’s not what you think. I was one of the thousands of unlucky Blink 182 fans who had tickets to their cancelled Bournemouth show. 215 more words

Blink-182 deliver an explosive, nostalgic pop-punk show at The O2

On Wednesday night, pop-punk veterans Blink-182 took The O2 on a trip down memory lane with twenty years of rocking tunes.

California-based Blink-182 are one of those bands that my generation will always see as part of their teenage years. 791 more words

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