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My Five Favorite Posts from 2016

This past year, close to one hundred posts have appeared on Interminable Rambling. With the end of 2016 in our rear-view mirror, I want to take the opportunity to highlight my five favorite posts from last year. 814 more words

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Frank Yerby and the Myth of White Southern Womanhood

As mentioned in my recent post on Gillian (1960), Frank Yerby challenges the myth of Southern womanhood in his works. While I did not discuss how he does that in Gillian, I want to explore how he shatters the myth in A Darkness at Ingraham’s Crest (1979), the follow up to his 1971 book… 846 more words

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The Convict Lease System in Frank Yerby's "Gillian"

Frank Yerby’s Gillian (1960) deals, thematically, with the idea of manhood and the mythological ideals surrounding white Southern Womanhood. Gillian MacAllister and Hero Farnsworth shatter the virginal, innocent idea of w… 1,052 more words

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Frank Yerby's "White Magnolias"

On a recent trip to New Orleans, I stopped by Librairie Bookshop on Chartres and picked up four Frank Yerby paperbacks: The Saracen Blade (1952), Gillian (1960), The Man from Dahomey (1971), and A Darkness at Ingraham’s Crest (1979). 1,080 more words

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Choosing Which Texts to Teach or Not to Teach

Talking about Lyle Saxon’s Children of Strangers (1937) recently during the NEH Summer Institute, two questions arose: Why should we even read this novel? Should we even consider teaching it? 1,066 more words

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Frank Yerby - A notable African-American author

Frank Yerby, an African-American author, wrote several books among which include: The Golden Hawk, The Saracen Blade, Benton’s Row and The Treasure of Pleasant Valley. These four published books are currently for sale @GenreReads on Etsy. 189 more words