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TT3.62b: Fragmented Plans

Previously: Mindy visited Mr. Waterson. The temporal teenager group are plotting to capture Mindy, using the time machine. Meanwhile, Carrie tries to understand timeline theory with Glen. 2,062 more words


Frank and Bob: Broccoli 2

Bob: It all started as a joke.Pretend that you’ve never tasted or heard of broccoli, in theory it was funny. The real treasure was seeing Frank freak out over the fact that I’ve never even heard of broccoli despite eating it in earlier that month. 228 more words


'Frank' is free to read in Westerly: New Creative

‘Frank’ and a bevy of other works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by emerging WA writers are online and free to download in Westerly: New Creative… 61 more words


Pachinko Challenge

What do we have to change to an excisting game to get it instead of being a game of luck, being a real game where the user could influence the outcome of the game. 184 more words


dvsn debuts new music "Godspeed" and guest mix on OVO Sound Radio(ep 30)


The original version is widely considered one of the standout tracks from Ocean’s Blonde album, with many praising it for its bare-bones sound. Thankfully for fans, dvsn took a similar approach. 22 more words



When I was a kid,
I always wanted to be Anne Frank.
considering I did in fact read the entire book.

But it wasn’t really Anne Frank… 348 more words


TT3.62a: Fragmented Plans

Previously: Someone called “Mindy” appeared in the present. Carrie met with Glen, who revealed he’s also from the future. Julie called for a temporal meeting, and Laurie overheard. 2,174 more words