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Life Itself

Little intense, frankly. Icy then self-ending, lonely friends.


Jemma - German Men Sit Down to Pee by Niklas Frank and James Cave

When you move to a new country it’s easy to make social faux pas. Especially in Germany where rules, er, rule. For example, you’re not allowed to mow your lawn on a Sunday but it’s totally cool to sunbathe naked in a public park. 61 more words


'Frank' in Award Winning Australian Writing 2016 and more

My crime story ‘Frank’, which won the 2015 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Award, will shortly appear in Award Winning Australian Writing 2016, which is being launched at the Melbourne Writers Festival on 31st August. 130 more words

My Writing

Not another review of Frank Ocean's Blond.

So today marks the week anniversary of the release of Frank Ocean’s Blond, the follow-up to 2012’s Channel Orange. Is that it, just one week? In the fast paced content hungry world we live in, a week can seem like much longer. 644 more words

New Release

Frank Iero’s Album, ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2!

Frank Iero’s album, ‘Stomachaches’ officially turned two years old on August 25! The album is Frank’s first as a solo artist.

Read my article on Celebmix here:



Radio GaGa

I had to replace the old VHF, as the mic lead had disintegrated in the heat of the Caribbean. Or… Mice?

The new one was a different size profile, and I only had a Dremel, so I made a bad job of fitting it into the “cubby”, as I was just trying to get everything ready to escape before Christmas. 139 more words


Frank's Flown The Coop!

The world’s most famous (and least attractive) marine chicken coop has been decommissioned.

I shall recycle the 1″ marine ply, and re-fashion or replace the steel chassis. 67 more words