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Frank and Bob: Boat Company

Bob: So, it’s decided. I’m buying a boat.

Frank: But we live in Arizona, and you make 12 dollars an hour flipping street signs.

Bob: You are so right, we need more money. 534 more words



I didn’t expect to be a hot dog blogger, but once I did it was amazing. I also didn’t expect to get a yo-yo for Christmas, but it has been phenomenal. 628 more words

Hot Dog

Flick Reviews: 'Frank' (2014)

Frank is a comedy-drama film from 2014 directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Room) and it stars Michael Fassbender, Domnhall Gleeson and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

In the film… 645 more words

Frank and Bob: Name Change

Bob: It’s official, I’m Chad now.

Frank: Ugh, what’s going on now?

Bob: I got my name changed. Bob is gone. Chad is in. Chad is the new Bob. 559 more words


Maui Couples Portraits with Frank & Justine!

Frank contacted us wanting to plan something special for his beautiful wife Justine! They were here in Maui for their long overdue honeymoon and he surprised her with a Maui couples portrait session! 115 more words

Okay To Need

Lately I’ve been feeling like my problems are meaningless.  Like they are trivial and just getting in the way of me helping others.  Like they aren’t worth someone’s time to hear about them.   804 more words

That is indeed a recycling truck: SembWaste | Mothership.SG

Society was almost frayed at the seams after a member of the public posted a video on Facebook complaining that recyclables were seen collectively dumped into what looked like a generic waste truck for regular trash: 546 more words

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