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Saturday SkandiHorrar: Black Lake Parts 3 & 4

It may not be much cop, but we can at least adjust the banner to correctly define Black Lake, now reaching its halfway mark, to the kind of programme it is. 899 more words

The Goggle-Box

Chapter Six - The Hideout

Frank drove to the end of the long, unpaved road that cut across the valley where once upon a time there’d been a shallow lake or river bed. 1,342 more words

Casino Heist

FRONT STREET FALL - September 20, 2017

In the previous post I said Coupeville was established in 1953, it should have been 1853, that makes a lot more sense.

Welcome to “Fall” 2017. 214 more words

Dune Club notes part 10

Continuing from part 9 of the Dune Book Club, run by Comic Book Girl 19.


Pages 591-650

Notes Before the Twitch Stream

Page 614: 2,126 more words


What’s the matter with Wisconsin? (It’s not the liberals)

John Frederick Kaufman writes that he sees a counterpoint to John Nichols’ recent column (“What’s the matter with Wisconsin? A conversation with Thomas Frank”), taking issue with Frank’s notion that educated liberals and leading Democrats have abandoned addressing the economic concerns of the white working class. > Cap Times

Pedophiles❤️Muslims, and the Democratic Party

If you’re a convicted pedophile, chances are you sympathize with the plight of muslims and the Democratic Party, both of whom are at odds with morals and decency. 29 more words


FOR THE BIRDS - September 18, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to another wonderful week in paradise!

This morning’s walk wasn’t all that long as we have threatening skies but I did spot a bunch of birds. 149 more words